I enjoy taking off my makeup as much as I enjoy to do my makeup…maybe even more, because let’s face it, that feeling of freshly washed/ cleansed face remains unbeaten.
Today, I thought I’d share my four simple steps to taking off my makeup.

A quick disclaimer before we get into it, I am not a professional, these are just steps I’ve been following for almost a year and I’ve been working for me. Also, some of these steps might have strange names…like I said, I’m not a professional. 

  • Step 1: Breaking down the products on my face

Raw Shea butter

I do this with raw Shea butter, I find that breaking down the products on my face with Shea butter reduces the tension or pressure I need to apply while wiping off with a makeup wipe.

Products broken down with Shea butter

Using a wipe with very minimal pressure


  • Step 2: Going over my face with rose water

After step 1, I go over my face with rose water; with a cotton pad or makeup wipe, I clean my face again, this step gets some of the makeup left on my face and it is also very soothing.

Getting what the Shea butter missed with rose water


  • Step 3: Cleansing

Konjac facial sponge

I squirt a few pumps of my cleanser on a soft sponge (konjac facial sponge), wet my face with warm water then go ahead to wash my face. This gets off all the products step 1 and 2 might have missed.

Cleanser on sponge

cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.


  • Step 4: Moisturise

After cleansing, I moisturise my face. 

Freshly washed face


…and ta-da, the end!

How do you take off your makeup? Do you do any similar steps as mine? Comment down below, I’ll like to know.

Till next time,

Love, Hassie.

P.S: All pictures were taken and edited by me.