I can’t believe it’s already mid November and I’m already planning outfits for 2020. Lool

2020, I’m ready!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that blazers are my most worn/ styled next to jeans. I like how they can easily take an outfit from 0-100… I mean, you immediately look put together when you “suit up“. Blazers became really trendy with the whole “power suit” trend this year and I am not ready to give them up. I will definitely be styling blazers up come 2020. Although, I currently do not own a Power suit myself, I have some blazers I have thrifted over the years and they have been doing the job of giving me “power” *winks*. Below are three ways I’ll be styling up my mini collection of blazers
  • With My Basic Everyday “uniform”

My uniform

If you ever run into me, chances are that I’m wearing a plain tee and jeans with comfortable shoes or a few similar variations. I like to throw an oversized blazer over an outfit as basic as this to make it seem like I tried when in reality, I didn’t 😂. See how putting a blazer over a simple denim and tee look instantly makes me up put together.
  • With Skirts
                I like to mix “masculine” pieces with more “feminine” ones. I recently got into this style of “90s mid length skirt” and I’ve been having lots of fun with them.
  • With Dresses
Blazers and dresses is probably my least worn of these 3 because I hardly ever wear dresses. I’m looking forward to wearing more dresses in 2020 and I’ll definitely be styling them up with blazers.

What do you think about Blazers? Do you wear them? How do you like to style them up? Also, which of these looks is your favourite? Comment down below.

Till next time,

Love, Hassie.

P.S: All pictures were taken and edited by me