Today, I’m taking you through all the makeup products I use to achieve my go-to everyday  look . I started to do my makeup November of 2018 (filling you in on what’s new with me like I said I will in my previous post ), and it has been a fun ride. From learning to the do my brows to making sure I blend, blend, blend. Over the past year, I can say I have found my “routine” and although today is not the day I’ll be talking to you about this routine, I thought I’d show you all of my go-to products.

  • Starting with my base, I use the Revlon Colorstay foundation for my entire face and I brighten my under eye with the Estée Lauder foundation as it is a shade lighter than me, I also use it to clean up my brows.



  • I’m hitting pan already  😂. I really like this Zaron mattifying powder…clearly.




  • I bronze up my face with this sculping whiz from Zaron,it also doubles as an eyeshadow. Again, I’m hitting pan.

Bronzer/ Eyeshadow


  • This blush from Mac doubles as an eyeshadow, it has a slight shimmer that I appreciate.

    Blush/ eyeshadow

    Blush/ Eyeshadow


  • The most subtle highligter from Kiko.



  • I loooove brown, mauvy colors for my lips or glosses for when I need my power move (if you get that you’re a real one).




*To do my brows, I use a regular 150 naira Davis pencil then I go on to clean them with my Estée Lauder foundation like I said earlier

That’s all I have for you today, comment below if you use any of these products, I want to know if we’re twinning. 

Till next time,

Love, Hassie.