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Current Jam: Do you dirty by KHELANIMikunstyles is 1 (1)Heyyyy guys!! Here’s a cheers to my first year of blogging.

I hope your weekend was good, and not as short as mine. So, my blog turned a year September 22nd…I know this post is so late, in all truth I didn’t want to put this post up, I just didn’t have the zeal maybe because I don’t like birthdays (too much anxiety) or because I felt like the blog has not gotten to the heights I thought it would have by the time it turned a year.

Mikunstyles is 1 (2)

But I decided to count my blessings and I realized that I’m just being an ungrateful brat 😩😩.  My blog has allowed me quite a number of opportunities, I have been able to meet and work with some people that helped me grow, I’ve grown so much since I started to blog, honestly, I’ve recorded the highest growth so far in the past year, and that’s a big blessing!!

Mikunstyles is 1 (4)

I am grateful that I started, that I’ve not shut the blog down (yes, I’ve thought of that a number of times 🙈… trust me guys, blogging can be a lot!) and finally, I am grateful for you guys!!! Whenever I get my Stat count, it makes my heart swell that y’all visit my blog to read my amateur posts. Thank you guys!!! You’re a very important part of the blog and I appreciate you.

Big smile for Y'all
Big smile for Y’all

So here’s to many more exciting blog posts to come 🍸🍸

Yeah, I know you’ve been wondering about my outfit, this 3 piece is from THM, I’ve talked about their brand here before, click here if you missed that post.

Mikunstyles is 1 (5)

Mikunstyles is 1 (6)

just casually showing off my Bum. loool
just casually showing off my Bum. loool

So if you’re on a strict budget like me or just want to save an extra penny check them out on instagram @thm.co thank me later.

Don’t forget to subscribe, till the next blog. 💕💕





Present Jam: Human by CHRISTINA PERRI

Hello Readers,

How have you been? I am guessing you been good. It has been very difficult to put up outfit posts up weekly as I wish… it is so difficult without Leke (my photographer). Please comment down below if you are a photographer that is looking to collaborate with me (an upcoming blogger) or if you know a photographer that will like to collaborate with me. I know this blog has lacking juicy posts I will fix that soon.


For today’s post, I paired two pieces from THM.co a new fashion brand that I am in total love with, their collection is modish and fabulous, you should check them out on instagram thm.co.



I paired their ‘Wide leg pants with belt’ with their  ‘Flared sleeves floral blouse’, I fell in love with the pants at first sight (it is in my favorite color) I feel the belts adds a bit of chic-ness to the pants.


The pants are very comfortable the fabric feels good against my skin.



I did not like the blouse at first but as soon as I tried it, I feel in love with it, the floral prints will allow it to be easily paired with a number of color.



I renamed the pants Pants of many possibilities’ because it can be dressed up for work with a shirt or blouse or with a cami. It is a good pants for a day to night look.



What I Wore

Blouse: THM’s Floral Flared sleeves blouse

Pants: THM’s Wide leg pants with belts

Shoes: Atmosphere

Bag: Thrifted

Shades: Thrifted

I hope you like this outfit post, till the next post. xx


Would you like me to do a day to night look in this pants? If you checked @thm.co on instagram, do you like their collection? Are you a photographer or do you know a photographer that will like to collaborate with me?