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Present Jam: Human by CHRISTINA PERRI

Hello Readers,

How have you been? I am guessing you been good. It has been very difficult to put up outfit posts up weekly as I wish… it is so difficult without Leke (my photographer). Please comment down below if you are a photographer that is looking to collaborate with me (an upcoming blogger) or if you know a photographer that will like to collaborate with me. I know this blog has lacking juicy posts I will fix that soon.


For today’s post, I paired two pieces from THM.co a new fashion brand that I am in total love with, their collection is modish and fabulous, you should check them out on instagram thm.co.



I paired their ‘Wide leg pants with belt’ with their  ‘Flared sleeves floral blouse’, I fell in love with the pants at first sight (it is in my favorite color) I feel the belts adds a bit of chic-ness to the pants.


The pants are very comfortable the fabric feels good against my skin.



I did not like the blouse at first but as soon as I tried it, I feel in love with it, the floral prints will allow it to be easily paired with a number of color.



I renamed the pants Pants of many possibilities’ because it can be dressed up for work with a shirt or blouse or with a cami. It is a good pants for a day to night look.



What I Wore

Blouse: THM’s Floral Flared sleeves blouse

Pants: THM’s Wide leg pants with belts

Shoes: Atmosphere

Bag: Thrifted

Shades: Thrifted

I hope you like this outfit post, till the next post. xx


Would you like me to do a day to night look in this pants? If you checked @thm.co on instagram, do you like their collection? Are you a photographer or do you know a photographer that will like to collaborate with me?


Present Jam: Shut up by STOMZY (love this song!)


Helloooo lovelies,

How have you been? It has been like a week since I last posted and some things have occurred on my end (not the ‘usual’ things) some of which I will be gisting you about soon. For today’s outfit post, I wore prints and a white skirt… I like how ankara prints are now incorporated in our everyday styles  unlike that time people felt they should be worn on fridays only (I really can’t stand fashion ‘rules’). I decided to match the ankara buba top (my mum’s) with a different print for my choker and different print for my hand band because in my opinion, no such thing as prints don’t match. Basically, I just did the usual, i expressed myself. *insert grinning emoji here*














What I wore

Buba (top)- Mum’s wardrobe

Chocker and Hand band- Ankara pieces

Skirt- Name has rubbed off

Shoes- Ami clubwear

Bead hand bands- Yaba (thrifted)

Bag- Too old to still have a name tag

Belt- I took it out of my mum’s skirt

What is your take on this look and  the mixed- print Ankara trend? How else would you style an ankara buba top like this one?


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Present Jam- Grown Woman by BEYONCE

Hey Lovelies,
I’m guessing your week is going well?? Coincidentally, the shorts and top I wore in this outfit post are both from Mark & Spencer so I thought, why not just name the post M&S *inserts grinning emoji here* I was going to talk about how its beginning to get hot in Lagos, and how shorts will come in handy this season, but guess what? Its raining heavily here (the Irony). Hehe

hold up! let me pick my fro
hold up! let me pick my fro

What I wore
Shorts- M&S (Mum got ‘em for me)
Top- M&S (thrifted)
Shoes- Lilleys (thrifted)
Chocker- DIY Denim Chocker
Wrist piece- DIY denim bangle

I like this looks as it gives me a solid and edgy look combined, the shorts and top (tucked in) looks put together, I decided to throw in a sort-of edgy look by wearing my DIY denim chocker… and lets not forget my sneakers… they gave the outfit a relaxed yet edgy look as they are high (my Fenty Puma Wanna be *inserts laughing emoji here*). And the Ankara bag, I can’t get enough of that bag, the print is vibrant and always gives me that African touch I love so much (Representing Always). I just expressed myself with this outfit (could you tell I wanted a bit of many things, yh? No?) you should try that. Lemme know what you think of this outfit in the comment section down below.


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Lots of love

What do you think of this outfit? Would you rock ’em? Do you own shorts and how do you style them?