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Current fav: Too many songs to pick one


Hey guyss
I have been humming Grown up by Beyonce for a few hours now… Because, I turned 23 today. Twenty freaking three!! 🎉🎉🎉

IMAG6996 I wasn’t gn put anything on here, because birthdays kind of freak me out!!! But my friends made sure I went out today and I took pictures so I thought… What the hell.

Cool kids
Cool kids
My personal photographer
Coke and Fanta

I am grateful for life, I am grateful that God got me all these years.
I am glad I started this blog, this is my first birthday on here 😁 I am grateful for you guys, THANK YOU!! I immediately thought about you guys when I took these pictures, I was like ‘I gatta post on the blog today’.

For more pictures,  check out my instagram  @mikunstyles

I don’t really have much to say as I am overwhelmed by the love I am getting from family and friends and this post is really impromptu.
I just want to say THANK YOU, and help me praise my big God.
Last but most definitely not the list… I am a GEMINI and we rock!!! 😂
Till next time. xx




Present Jam: Closer by CHAINSMOKERS and HELSEY

Heyyy Guys’
How is your week going? I want to share some things about me,below are 20 things about me you probably didn’t know. Feel free to comment down below on some things we have in common.
1. I’m a Gemini and we are the BEST!!! (If you don’t think so, comment down below)Say heyyy if you are a #teamGemini .
2. I cook a lot, like everyday and I also bake. Yeah, you can call me a foodie. Hehe
3. My all time favourite movies are The hard way the only way, The breakfast club, 12 Angry men and Shawshank Redemption. (Morgan freeman been killing it since the ‘90s). I love classics.


4. When I get uneasy, I pronounce most words wrongly (it can be so embarrassing). And I cannot pronounce the word enthusiasm… and I like that word, so I always try to say it with fail.
5. I have 2 brothers that I am older than, but somehow I am the ‘smallie’
6. I love fruits, you can call me a fruit junkie.
7. I really like tattoos, sadly, I don’t have one…yet. Someday, I will get 1 or 2 or 3-5. Hahahaha
8. I speak Yoruba fluently (well, that’s if I am not uneasy around you), I understand Sign language (I am a bit rusty as I do not have a friend or relative that can Sign) and I am presently learning French, Spanish is next, yh, I am beginning to have a thing for Language.
9. It is said that I have a resting bitch face, or you can mistake me for quiet or gentle… I am not, just wear my poker face on too many times.
10. I am VERY sarcastic, (this is a family thing) I usually have a problem holding a long time conversation with people that don’t understand or like sarcasm.
11. I READ a lot! From novels to history books to psychology books… if it has words…I am reading it. You can almost call me a NERD (actually, I am been called a nerd). My favourite novel writer now is COLEEN HOOVER and favourite book from her are Hopeless, Losing hope and Confess.
12. I am a writer (check my IG for writing @Hassie_a), I have not fully exploited this potential… I hope do so some day, maybe write a book.
13. I don’t joke with honesty!!
14. I think A LOT… that is my favourite thing to do. And I have a very big imagination,
15. I will like to travel around the world someday… see the world and have more things to think about.
16. I am a bit of a Feminist (putting it mildly).
17. If I were to have a pet, it’d be a Rabbit or a Cat (that looks like Garfield, haha)
18. My favourite colour is GREEN
19. I am very Emotional but I hide behind my poker face and jokes (I hear I am very funny)
20. I am fascinated by people that are spontaneous, as I am not…Unlike terms attracts they say.

Have a lovely day

What do we have in common?? Comment down below as I will like to know some things about you too.