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PresentĀ Jam: Shele gan ganĀ ByĀ LIL KESH

Dear GOD, I ask that you grant me stability, give me strength to be able to overcome this unstable phase I am having, Amen.

Heyy guys,

I have been up and down lately that I forgot to post my blogger of the month for Feb. but better late than never, yh?

My blogger of the month of Feb. is Sandra of Zo.nnabyuzo.com Sandra’s fashion style always trills me, her 90’s fashion style is beautiful, and I guess you guys know that I am all about the Retro-ness. Below are the interview questions and her answers.

1. What is your name and age?

My name is Afamefuna Sandra Uzonna and I am 20 years old.

I see Denim šŸ˜
I see Denim šŸ˜

2. Tell us a little about your blog and how old it is.

Zonna is a personal style blog aiming tro inspire and also connect with other bloggers and brands. I started the blog July 2016, but I relaunched it in October 2016.


3. How did you first get into blogging?

Becoming a blogger was not always the plan from the start, but then my love for fashion took a unique turn around my third year in the University and I got insipred by some bloggers I admired like Uzy Nwachwuku and Ada of Noordinaryshe.com so I decided to start my own blog and I am loving the journey so far.


4. Who has impacted you the most on your blogging journey so far?

I would say my sister Vivian Afamefuna, she was there for me when I first started blogging, giving me advice and support and she also helped with most of my first shoots, following me around looking for location and taking my pictures.

Slay my life! šŸ™Œ
Slay my life! šŸ™Œ

5. What is the most challenging moment on your journey so far?

The most challenging moment on my journey will be around September 2016. I had a wake up call and realised I was not doing things the way I wanted. This led to the change in my blog’s name, and I relaunched it around October 2016.

I want everything in this picture šŸ˜
I want everything in this picture šŸ˜

6. Ā What has your blogging experience taught you?

It has taught me the importance of being able to identify yourself, your style and what you are passionate about. Also, the importance of planning and patience of getting results.

7. What else do other than blogging?

I also model and I am currently working at a software company.

8. Who is your style icon and why?

I have a lot (lol) but I will go with Shope Delano. She is a real inspiration to me, there is just so much LIFE with her style, she is very interesting with how she pairs her outfit and she is a denim fashion enthusiat… like myself (lol).

Shope Delano
Shope Delano

9. What is your favorite fashion brand and why?

Forever 21, because they literally sell everything I need.


10. Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram- Zo.nna

Twitter- Uzo_xo

Snapchat- Uzo_xo

That’s it guys, Sandra style is so beautiful, I feel like we have some things inĀ commonĀ likeĀ ourĀ loveĀ for Ā denim, Ā IĀ thinkĀ she mightĀ haveĀ moreĀ loveĀ forĀ denimĀ thanĀ me.. .andĀ that’s Ā gnĀ aĀ lotĀ of loveĀ lol. Ā ClickĀ here toĀ checkĀ herĀ blogĀ out, Ā youĀ willĀ love it

TillĀ theĀ nextĀ blogĀ post.Ā xx