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Present Jam: Boshe Nlo by BURNA BOY

Hey guys,

My blogger of this month is Desmond of Quirks and Outfit, I recently came across his instagram account and I immediately clicked a link in his bio that took me to his blog. I read about 4 of his blog posts – a thrift post, a beauty post and a few of his outfit posts, and I like how he handles the beauty post because for some reasons, it is believed that only females are allowed to do beauty (I strongly disagree with that belief). Desmond is a young and relatively new blogger. I can tell that he has a high sense of humor and it will be really fun to hang out with him. So yeah, lets meet Desmond.

  1. What is your name and how old are you?

My name is Vincent Desmond and I am 17 years old.


  1. Tell us a little about your blog and how old it is.

My blog, Quirks and Outfits is a fashion, lifestyle and beauty/male grooming blog. My blog is about 4 months old.

  1. How did you first get into blogging?

I used to have an old blog, back in 2012 when I barely even knew what blogging meant. But I started Quirks and Outfits last year mostly because I needed a hobby and I also really enjoy writing and having a platform to show people my creative side was something I wanted.


  1. Who has impacted you most on your blogging journey and how?

This is a bit tricky, because a lot of people have really left there impact on my blog, but I will go with Collins of The Street Haute, because he was one of my favorite bloggers long before I stared blogging, and I think he has got an amazing and unique sense of style. And because ever since I started blogging he has been my blogging ‘Mr Miyagi’

  1. What is the most challenging moment on your blogging journey so far?

I am not quite sure I can pinpoint a moment but the most challenging thing about blogging for me as to the photography aspect.


  1. What has your blogging journey taught you?

Self-worth.  Really high up the ladder is self-worth, I have learnt that being different is not just okay, it is the best. And I’ve learnt that failure is not necessarily a bad thing, because whenever I fail at doing something right or reaching a particular goal, I always double up my effort the next time I have an opportunity.

  1. What else do you do other than blogging?

I am a student at the University of Port Harcourt.

  1. Who is your style icon and why?

I have many, I can go on and on, but internationally, it’s Adam Gallagher and my Nigerian style icon is Adebayo Oke-Lawal.

  1. What is your favourite fashion brand and why?

Orange culture. I love how each pieces tells a story and is usually so detailed, and they are all quirky and usually touches gender limits which is something not a lot of Nigerian brands do, especially male Nigerian fashion brands.

  1. Where can we find you on social media?

I am on Instagram @quirksandoutfits and Twitter @quirksandoutfit. Because apparently has a character limit for your username too.

Click here to check out Desmond’s blog.

till next time. xx


What questions would you like me to ask my next blogger?


Hey guys
Happy new month coupled with the whole independence thing too, I had imagined this post would have been up about 3/5 days-ish ago but then life happened as always… enough about me already, how has it been going with you? This being my first style post, I might be a bit clumsy (forgive me, please 🙈).
Lots of girls have the ‘I don’t know what to wear problem’ meanwhile, your closet/wardrobe are filled with amazing pieces that we think for some weird reasons are ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ (till we see something similar on someone else looking fresh outta slay town and we just want to drag her!!!😂😂) or you just keep buying the wrong things for your pocket size. Dear girl, you should know what to buy… what you NEED to buy.
If you are a strict budget like myself…or not, you need to know some powerful pieces you should be buying. When shopping or thrifting, try to identify pieces that I like to call FOCAL PIECES, they are pieces that do not have a particular or strict personality (I hope you get what I mean 😏) this lack of personality allows for easy manipulations here and there for tuning to various styles to suit various purposes. Focal pieces can sometimes come off plain or ugly, like a pair of plain denim, no details, no embroidery, just a good ol’denim (get that ‘ugly’ denim girl!!!) or a plain black dress.
Another way to identify a focal piece is to envision yourself wearing it to more than one type of occasion, you want to be able to wear it to class, to the mall, chilling with your girls, to work and so on (with a bit of altering)…one piece, many SLAYS 😉😉
Cutting this my long story short, I will be giving you ideas on how to style your perceived various ‘ugly’ yet focal pieces you have been sleeping on… starting with a simple pair of denim jeans.

I've been serving face since the '90s
I’ve been serving face since the ’90s

I hope this was helpful, I hope that you can identify some focal pieces in your collection and tune them to fit your various styles… they are your clothes, own them girl!
Focal pieces are plain canvases, be a meticulous artist, just keep painting! 😁
Thank you for visiting my blog, please do leave a comment on some of your focal pieces.
Much love.
Hassie 😘😘
What focal piece do you own and how do you or will you style them? Leave a comment below.

My present jam- Miley Cyrus by Mike Posner. Whats yours?

first post…..yaay


Hello the name is Hasanat and this is me welcoming you to mikun styles, where it is all going to be about YOU!!! I decided to start this blog out of this goodwill of my heart, you can call it my very own humanitarian service to the world (mikun to the rescue!) because I want to enlighten people like myself on how to look and live stylishly on a budget. This would be starting with hints and tips on how to feel and look stylish and fabulous with basically what you have or what you can afford. There will be lots of DIYs, to cut expense corners and still SLAY.
I am quite a big foodie (this is me putting it mildly), and I cook a lot being the only girl and having two brothers that just understand food comes out of the kitchen with the wave of a magic wand, your gain though, as there would be quite a number of food posts, I also bake, so yeah… there will be easy DIY cake making that will be pocket friendly and maybe pastries. I write also (you can check my IG page to see some of my poems @hassie_a), so every now and then there would be some poems posting, writings and quotes, which will be highly relatable.
Looking stylish is almost becoming high end… EXPENSIVE is taken hand in hand with the word stylish, that to slay one most have a fat pocket (high end fashion is not a bad idea… if you can afford it). But you see, I am presently on this tight budget (let’s all be honest who isn’t right? No?…ok!) and I also want to slay like all the other girls nah!… so, I woke up from my long year slumber of ‘I don’t have what to wear’ I hope I am able to wake many ladies out there from this deep slumber. Quite a number of fashion posts here would be very pocket friendly (my pocket is not friendly at the moment by the way), how to look stylish and fabulous on a budget sort to say, I would be treating this topic well because I am on a budget too myself. There is nothing wrong with being on a budget, it just means you have a financial management plan, which in my opinion is a good way to be sure you are utilizing your resources well enough (financial resources being the main attention). Also, there would be some posts to help identify your style, as understanding ones styles stands as a yard stick to incorporate other styles (I try some other styles every now and then, with comfort being a constant… or nah), I am looking to help show you guys how to incorporate some fashion expressions, that you probably did not use to dig maybe because you were just sleeping on that piece, because it is ‘ugly’.
I hope this blog will not be one way-ed, as I will love to hear from you every now and then (the good and the bad). Thank you for checking my blog out. I hope to see more of you.

Much love