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A BOOK: NOVEMBER 9 by Colleen Hoover

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November 9I know… I have been away for a minute and I honestly do not have a very good reason, Today, I decided to tell you guys about a book, NOVEMBER 9.
Hi guysss!
I’m so sorry for being so inconsistent, in the past weeks, I have tried to put up outfit posts, but I been having a severe case of failed shoots, it can be quite exhausting, but life happens I just have to keep on keeping, today’s post isn’t the ‘usual’.

Besides clothes, food and pictures, I really like BOOKS so I thought I’d share my reading experience with y’all from time to time.
November 9 is the title of the book I recently read, it was written by a beautiful writer Colleen Hoover, I am in love with her books, she wrote my favorite book ‘Hopeless’.
November 9 is centered around two characters (Fallon and Ben) that decided to meet once a year without any form of contact in between…for 5 years (I thought the idea was unbelievably trilling, once in a whole freaking year!).

November 9
They meet on November 9 (when they were 18) in the most unconventional way, and they hit it off from then. Even though through the years various obstacles popped up on November 9 that made it harder for them to get along and remain in love (falling in love is easy, staying in it is a totally different story) they manage to stand the test of time (love always wins).
Fallon has visible scars that made her completely insecure, Ben has some scars of his own which was unknown to Fallon, Fallon on finding out Ben’s scars has to decide whether or not she wants to keep seeing Ben, her ‘boyfriend’.

November 9
What will you do if you found out that one thing that destroyed your life and crushed your confidence was caused by the one person that made it all better… less painful to look in the mirror?
Colleen wrote the book through Ben and Fallon’s eye…or should I say mind making it incredibly interesting ( I got to know Ben through Fallon’s eye and Vice Versa).

November 9
I read the book with an app on my phone Moon+Reader, this App makes it a lot easier to read books, it records your speed, gives you a one minute break when you’ve read a book for so long that way you get to rest your eyes for 60 seconds. I know Ebook novels may not be as fascinating as paperback books, but this App makes it whole lot better.
If you like to read, you should probably read this book, I’d tell you more about the book, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.

P.S I think this book will make a good movie, just like One Day but better… unlike One day, Fallon and Ben had zero contacts,  just November 9

With Love, Hassie.