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Current Jam: Count down by BEYOUNCE

Yaaaay, the weekend is close!

The other weekend, myself and two of my friends had planned a weekend getaway. We were going to Ibadan to see our other friend, but sadly at the last minute the trip was cancelled, I was so sad that it took about a week to unpack my WEEKEND-GETAWAY bag. While unpacking, I thought I’d share with you guys things you will find my weekend Tote bag.

weekend (14)

Before we jump right to it, I have decided to come up with a post close to the weekend…posts that won’t always be my outfit looks. I hope and pray that I won’t get too lazy and not deliver *fingers crossed*
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Before I list out the contents of my bag, lemme be honest, I had more  things than listed here (especially clothes and underwear) 🙈, I try to travel light…try.


I break out all the time, especially when I changed environment. I have been struggled with acne for over 7 years now, (we’ll talk about sometime soon), I never go away without a sort of Cleanser, I always make sure to wash my face as often as required.

weekend (13)

I am very minimal when it comes to my hair but I make sure my hair is hydrated and moisturized at all times  with the help of my spray bottle and shea butter, I have low porosity hair so my hair tends to dry out quickly.

weekend (6)

You just might find this in my bag on a regular day 😂😂, it’s no news how much I love denims

weekend (5)


weekend (12)

On a normal day, I would have like 2 frames in my bag, so imagine how many you’ll find in a weekend bag.

weekend (10)

Always oversized!! Cause your girl can only sleep in loose fitted clothes…or naked looool

weekend (9)

Something to go with my jeans 😉

weekend (7)

Comfortable as f*ck (excuse my French)

weekend (3)

I recently started to cream my body with Shea butter and I do not regret that decision, I’ve been glowing non-stop 😄.

weekend (2)

I occupationally  use this ST.Ives body lotion because it smells so night

weekend (1)

weekend (8)


weekend (4)


Notice how I air quote, not only do I not wear makeup. I do not own them. But i like the oil and blemish control powder and my lip gloss and balm.

weekend (11)
Comment below some of the things you’d pack for a weekend. Till the next blog post.

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Current Jam: Do you dirty by KHELANIMikunstyles is 1 (1)Heyyyy guys!! Here’s a cheers to my first year of blogging.

I hope your weekend was good, and not as short as mine. So, my blog turned a year September 22nd…I know this post is so late, in all truth I didn’t want to put this post up, I just didn’t have the zeal maybe because I don’t like birthdays (too much anxiety) or because I felt like the blog has not gotten to the heights I thought it would have by the time it turned a year.

Mikunstyles is 1 (2)

But I decided to count my blessings and I realized that I’m just being an ungrateful brat 😩😩.  My blog has allowed me quite a number of opportunities, I have been able to meet and work with some people that helped me grow, I’ve grown so much since I started to blog, honestly, I’ve recorded the highest growth so far in the past year, and that’s a big blessing!!

Mikunstyles is 1 (4)

I am grateful that I started, that I’ve not shut the blog down (yes, I’ve thought of that a number of times 🙈… trust me guys, blogging can be a lot!) and finally, I am grateful for you guys!!! Whenever I get my Stat count, it makes my heart swell that y’all visit my blog to read my amateur posts. Thank you guys!!! You’re a very important part of the blog and I appreciate you.

Big smile for Y'all
Big smile for Y’all

So here’s to many more exciting blog posts to come 🍸🍸

Yeah, I know you’ve been wondering about my outfit, this 3 piece is from THM, I’ve talked about their brand here before, click here if you missed that post.

Mikunstyles is 1 (5)

Mikunstyles is 1 (6)

just casually showing off my Bum. loool
just casually showing off my Bum. loool

So if you’re on a strict budget like me or just want to save an extra penny check them out on instagram thank me later.

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Current Jam: Honestly, I’ve just been humming all day, no song in particular.

Hey guys, happy new month, I hope the rest of this year brings you lots of goodies.
Today, I have come with a different kinda post and I hope you find it educative. Below are five things every fashion lover and  enthusiast should know.
It is 2017, a with quite a number of fashion trends and fashion flashbacks. Style being a representation of one’s personality and mood, anyone can consider his or herself a stylist (because let’s face it we all style ourselves).
But before exclusively calling yourself a fashion lover or literate, there are a couple of things you should know (things that you won’t be forgiven in the fashion world if you don’t know them).

Fashion LoverJust like any other aspect of life, fashion has its very many terms you should be familiar with. Imagine you’re in a gathering of ‘fashion lovers’ and a word like ‘Skorts’ is said, you should know what it means or at least have an idea otherwise you’d be lost in the conversation.
● CORRECT PRONUNCIATION OF DESIGNERS NAMESFashion loverTrust me, wrong pronunciation of designers names is frowned upon in the fashion world. With designers from different parts of the world, names being their first form of identification, you do not want to butcher their names. As a fashion lover, you should not only pronounce designers names correctly, you should also spell their names correctly. (I’m still working on this tip myself)
● THE COOLEST FASHION BLOGGERSfashion lover tips (7)This is more of personal preference, you should be able to list at least 10 fashion bloggers by heart and also say a few things about their style and blogs because fashion bloggers bring it all home, the fashion world can be overwhelming but following fashion blogs always simplifies fashion making it easier to follow and relate to new trends.
fashion lover tips (6)From fashion weeks, to collections debut and many more. This way you always know what some of your favorite brands are up to all year round.
● FASHION TRENDSfashion lover tips (1)Not just current trends, but upcoming trends too it is important that you know what fashion trend is in and do a sort of ‘background check’ to ensure that you can say a few things about the trend’s origin, when it first started and the current twist to it.
With these 5 tips, you can confidently hold a fashion conversation without seeming off.
All these said, It is very important to always keep your eyes and ears down for any news and tips because Fashion keeps revolving and changing so try to keep up.

Till the next blog post. Safe


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Current Fav: Good morning by BRYMO

Hello Guys,
A couple of weeks ago I frayed my jeans… I wasn’t gn put it up here because I thought everyone would have seen a tutorial on How-to-frayed jeans (I know, silly me).
When I wore the jeans out with a few friends, I got a lot of questions about it, so I decided to put it up.

Things you’d need arnd why
1. A pair of JEANS (denim)
I’m sure you get why you need this, lol. Okay so, the weaving in jeans makes it very easy to take out a particular thread, the wrap thread which runs vertically is dyed and the weft thread which runs horizontally is left white.

2. A pair SCISSORS
This is to cut off a few inches depending on preference, I cut off about 3 inches, you can go lower or higher… All you need to do is to cut out the hem.
For measuring out the length you decide to cut off.
I used this pick out the horizontal/weft thread (which was white) I did this till I discovered easier way to just put out the thread.
5. Some TIME
Last but not the list, is TIME!! The one thing that was left out in all of the DIYs on fraying denim had I seen is Time…


I need to emphasize on this,I had planned to frayed the denim higher than I did ( I was gn make it about 5 inches high, but I stopped at about 2 inches).
When I was in school (cheesy, I know 😂) I knew some people that payed to fray their jeans, I used to wonder why, but after doing this, I understand why now… To all my friends that want their jeans frayed, you gatta pay me.
In the end, it will be worth it. So, I’d say to should try it out, no rush…


It took me about 2 days and I’m not done, I’ll still fry it higher.

I hope this was helpful, till next post.xx



Current fav: Too many songs to pick one


Hey guyss
I have been humming Grown up by Beyonce for a few hours now… Because, I turned 23 today. Twenty freaking three!! 🎉🎉🎉

IMAG6996 I wasn’t gn put anything on here, because birthdays kind of freak me out!!! But my friends made sure I went out today and I took pictures so I thought… What the hell.

Cool kids
Cool kids
My personal photographer
Coke and Fanta

I am grateful for life, I am grateful that God got me all these years.
I am glad I started this blog, this is my first birthday on here 😁 I am grateful for you guys, THANK YOU!! I immediately thought about you guys when I took these pictures, I was like ‘I gatta post on the blog today’.

For more pictures,  check out my instagram  @mikunstyles

I don’t really have much to say as I am overwhelmed by the love I am getting from family and friends and this post is really impromptu.
I just want to say THANK YOU, and help me praise my big God.
Last but most definitely not the list… I am a GEMINI and we rock!!! 😂
Till next time. xx




Current Fav:  Scars to your Beautiful by ALESSIA CARA


Hey lovelies,

How’s your Sunday going? Mine is pretty relaxing and kind of a lazy day so far…

I thought I’d share this post with you guys because I spent the most of my life thinking less of my self … I had this huge inferiority complex. But I’m all grown up now, I’ve learnt to see the beauty within me ( I hope that makes sense). You are not allowed to feel less of yourself, you are not!

“Beauty like Style has no one definition, we all represent a form of beauty” Know this!
But we live in a society that not only defines beauty but also makes sure that majority do not make “the cut”

Society will tell you what size, height, skin color, hair type is beautiful, a description that is impossible to meet and if ever met only by a very few shaming the remaining majority.
But who made those rules? Who is society? What makes a size 6 “sexier” than a 16? On what bases is one skin color better than the others?
My definition of beauty is you and me. I believe God made us in different shapes, sizes and colors so we can appreciate many forms of beauty. You are beautiful, you should feel beautiful in your skin
Do not let society define you, you are beautifully made.


You are not only beautiful, you are a unique being. After all, you were created in God’s image.


I hope this helps someone fee better, in the near feature I’ll be sharing with you how I got over my inferiority complex.

Till next time. xx



Present Jam: Make me (cry) by NOAH CYRUS ft LABRINTH

Hello lovelies,
How was your weekend? Mine was quite good, it was picture filled. I am very excited about this post because it is a NEW IN post, I love clothes, who doesn’t? I  thrifted recently and I thought I’d share what I bought with you y’all.
I got some skirts as I noticed that I hardly wear skirts and I thought that should change. I got these skirt for #400 each and I will be rocking them very severely.


I  got some shirts, a cami and blazer and I am very excited about them, the total costs is #1200

Spot the retro feel?
Spot the retro feel?

I got caps too, #300 each, I feel like it could have been cheaper, but oh well.

Lastly on the thrift story, I bought these dresses, a black button down dress, a slip dress (finally) and the floral button down dress, the retro feel of this dress got me almost immediately.

This shampoo is was not  thrifted, but its New in, I recently noticed that my scalp is so dry and itchy, so I bought this Selsun blue shampoo, I have used it once, I noticed significant improvements after one use, but it is too early to concluded. I will be doing a review on this shampoo as soon as I am convinced it worked for me. The shampoo cost #980

Everything I bought, you will be seeing  them quite frequently here and on my instagram. Till next time guys.xx


Have you ever had dry and itch scalp? What measures did you take if you ever did? 


Present Jam:  Chemistry  by FALZ &SIMI

Heyyyyy 😃😃

Who missed me? I missed me!! 😂


So this post is like a letter from me to you explaining where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to the past few weeks.

Dear Readers,

I’m sorry I’ve not been here for the past few weeks, a number of you got in touch with me, and I really appreciate that.

I was posted to Cross river for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) I set out for the camp on the 24th of January, the journey was so long, the longest I’ve ever been on actually, it took approximately 22 hours to get to Obubra (that’s where the NYSC camp site for Cross river is). The journey was filled with ups and downs, thankfully, I rode with people that were high spirited that kind of entertained the likes of myself who never actually travel  and was cranky.

First stop over before I got cranky
First stop over before I got cranky
Travel buddies 😍
Travel buddies 😍


On getting to the camp around 7am Tuesday morning (25th of January), I had to immediately start registrations which took about 9 hours, I was so exhausted.

Foodie for Life 😁
Foodie for Life 😁
White fowl days
White fowl days

The camp was very dusty I reacted to this, but I adjusted early enough, we were expected to assemble on the Meditation ground by 5:00 am every morning (except from Sunday mornings).

Camp carnival
Camp carnival
Man O' War drills
Man O’ War drills

The meditation ground is where we prayed, listen to the order of the day, the news and some motivational write up we were expected to meditate on.

In other to avoid long queues at the tap, I usually had my bathe around 2:00 am every morning. The days were filled with activities that were made compulsory, the only break we had was between 2:00-3:50 pm when we were expected to have our lunch and Nap (which was never enough). I was always ready to sleep.

On the bright side, I got to meet lots of people from very different ethnics groups, it was an eye opener for me because I learnt a number of things about various ethnic groups.




I redeployed to Ogun state (I was very surprised that redeployment worked for me), so I left for Lagos immediately the orientation came to an end, I took a bus heading to Lagos from the camp.

I forgot to mention, my photographer and I were posted to Cross river, he made the trip going less painful, He stayed back, I was very sad, I’m going to miss he so much!! I don’t have a photographer anymore 😞.

Leke John
Leke John
Best Bud
Best Bud

I’m now shuttling between Lagos and Ogun state for registrations in Abeokuta, I hope I am able to settle down soon, so I can posts on the blog ‘back to back making sure every post is  a hit’( I hope you got the joke).

That’s it guyss, bear with me and my letter.

With love


Till the next blog post, I hope it’s soon. xx

img-20161117-wa0011Would you like me to write you guys more letters? 





Present Jam: Eko Miami by MALLEK BERRY

Few months after big chop
Few months after big chop

Hey beautiful people, happy weekend! Today’s post is about hair, I know a thing or two about hair so…

First of, all hair types are beautiful!! The reason why there is a sort of formula for identifying hair types is not to shame any hair type, it is just for identification as that will make management of various hair types easier!

Before big chop 🙈
Before big chop 🙈

Below are some of the questions I get about my hair and the answers

  1. How old is your hair? 

I had my big chop last week of July 2014, I cut my hair because it was a mess!! It was severely damaged from over relaxing it.


2.  What is your hair type?

I have 3 types of hair on my head, yes 3! It is almost impossible to have the same texture of hair all over the head, towards the front of my hair, I have looser curls, the back of my hair has tighter curls and the center of my head has really tight curls. I have 4b, 4c and 4d (yes, there’s 4d) I haven’t had a professional check my hair I just used the curl pattern description I saw online


3. Have you ever sneak relaxers in your hair?

No!! The front part of my hair is slightly softer than the rest, so it might seem relaxed. I am a bit terrified of relaxers, I had bad experiences with them.

4. How long is your hair?

11″ in front and 8″ at the back.


5. Have you ever trimmed your hair?

Yes, once and I did it myself. I cut about an inch all round. My hair felt so good afterwards!

After trim
After trim
11 months ago
11 months ago

6.  Is your hair growing?

Yes, yes it is! type 4 hair grows!! a lot, because of the amount of shrinkage it  gets, it always feels like it isn’t growing. Take pictures to document your hair growth. You might not know how much your hair has grown until you see an older picture.

14 months ago
14 months ago


7.  Do you use hair growth supplements?

No I don’t


8.  What products do you use?

I am on a very tight budget guys, very tight!! I basically use Shea butter and coconut oil, and occasionally Olive oil. My everyday hair care is the LOC method.


These are some of the questions I am asked a lot. I am often challenged about my hair.

I hear plenty things like my hair is not all that natural (like that’s a thing 😒) or my hair should be longer than it is… Health over length!! Or why my hair looking relaxed, well I keep it stretched most of the time (in African threads) so it’ll be soft.

How I stretch my hair
How I stretch my hair

Dear girl, take time to learn more about your hair natural or relaxed.

Till the next post. xx


Have you ever been queried about your hair? What hair type do you have??




Happy New year lovelies!!

Present Jam- Problem by REKADO BANK

I recently washed and deep conditioned my hair, I made some mistakes that helped me gather some tips, so I thought I’d share them with you guyss.

Hi, how have you been??
I washed my hair the DUDU OSUN soap, I have a post where I talked about the pros and cons of using the soap as a shampoo if you haven’t seen it yet click here and enjoy..
I had never made a DIY conditioner with fruits or any edibles, so I thought I’d give it a shot, I opted for the banana mix because banana is known to soften the hair and allow for easy manageability. Below are the things I used  for the deep conditioner and their benefits.

1. Banana- Softenes the hair, allow easy management by loosening curls.
2. Egg(s)- For healthier hair also gives the hair shine also assist growth.
3. Coconut oil- For moisture (olive oil can be used instead).
4. Honey- For hair growth, prevents lost of moisture and softens the hair.
5. Plastic caps- To trap in heat.
6. Knee length socks- To prevent dripping of the mix down your neck


Step 1.
Blend the bananas till it reaches a fine consistency, I didn’t blend the bananas I cut and mashed them that was the first mistake I made.
Step 2.
Break in egg(s) and blend well. I used on egg, depending on preference your can use two. If you don’t like the smell of eggs use just egg white. The second mistake I made was putting in yolk, I was nauseated half the time.
Step 3.
Measure into the mix 4 tablespoons of honey and coconut oil and blend for few seconds.
Step 4.
Sieve the mixture, using a fine sieve. This is very important. You don’t want to have banana caught in your hair, it is a very painful experience. I was in the shower for over 2 hours pickiing out Banana bits out of my hair.

After making the condioner, I finger detangled on wet hair (to reduce breakage) and I washed my hair in sections. My hair wash squeaky clean then I applied the conditioner to the washed sections. I wore 2 plastic caps to trap moisture then I tied a knee length sock round my head. I left the conditioner on for an hour (nauseated by the smell of the egg)
Then I washed it out, I then put my hair in African threading (not fully cocooned) to stretch my hair, you can style as preferred after washing the conditioner out, make sure you use a cream base products to moisturize your hair while styling, I usually use my Shea butter mix.

It shouldn't look like this, it should be smooth, no lumps
It shouldn’t look like this, it should be smooth, no lumps

After I took down the threading the next day, I hair felt so soft, it was very easy to style it. I wore my hair out for over 8 hours and it was still very soft and shrinkage was very minimal.


I will definitely suggest this DIY CONDITIONER if you haven’t tried it before.

This conditioner is not restricted to naturals, relaxed haired girls can use it too.

I hope this post was helpful, and I hope to hear from you. Till the next blog post. xx


What do you think of DIY conditioners?? Have you tried them?? Which condioner mix have you tried and how was the experience??