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Present Jam- Scars to your Beautiful by ALESSIA CARA

I honestly think the  days are running by fast, and I am kind of freaking out, why? I will share that with you soon, in literally to time (get it?)

Hello lovelies,

How have you been since the last post? I have been quite well… quite. Today’s post was supposed to be a mini haul post, but for better clarity, I decided to split the ‘haul’ into sections, starting with shoes.

Yesterday, I went thrifting at the infamous Yaba market, and I bought quite a number of things that I will be showing to you soon.

I bought these two pairs shoes for less than #4000, actually, I got them for #3500, I am not too sure if I bargained well enough, but I am quite pleased with the shoes, I am already envisioning myself slaying in them.

The first one I got is this brown swede pointy mouth shoes it is a L‘emporio iii Prato shoe.



Honestly, I almost did not buy them because it did not look so good until I tried it on, I fell in love immediately I tried it on.


I did not used to like pointy shoes before because I thought they make my feet look funny (I kinda have a wide feet) but I am in love with them now, I think they are really chic (I have a friend that will say ‘I told you so’ after seeing this post).




This shoes cost #2000

The second shoes: this  Blowfish malibu shoes, I feel in love with this one immediately it was a love at first site, the whole buckles thing got me like Dauuummn!! (I go wear this shoe tire).



I love that it has air space at the sides, this will give my feet breathing space haha.


And it is super comfy, the landing in is soft and foamy


This shoe cost #1500

Hope to see you soon on my next post, where I should be featuring more of my thrift buys

Till the next blog post, with love xx


Thrifting was such a good experience, I like how you can get really durable pieces for ‘dash’ prices, I will be thrifting more often. What is your take on thrifting?? Do you thrift if you do where do you thrift?


Present Jam: Ngud’ by KWESTA ft CASSPER NYOVEST



The weekend is here!! I hope your week was chilling, if not take this my first DIY post and coolio *inserts laughing emoji here* So, DIY Tote bag, with small fur pockets, let me quickly take you through.

First of, the fabric I used is called Calico…


It is a plain-woven textile that is made from unbleached and most time not fully processed cotton, it is quite coarse and thin… and the best part, it is very cheap!! I’m guessing because it is not fully processed. To sew this bag, it took less than 2 yards of this fabric which cost less than #300, that is less than a dollar (depending on where you’re purchasing it from).


I had it sown into a Tote bag because tote bags are effortlessly chic I like how  they can swallow (my choice of words) whatever you put in them and still look good.


Tote bags are totally in now, and I have one (a very affordable one) Yaaaaay!! After the bag was sown, I thought it looked plain, so I cut out a furry pocket from an old skirt, cut it half and had them sown on the bag, you can totally use any fabric for the pocket, the calico fabric color will permit almost any fabric from prints, to denim… just do you.


Do have a lovely weekend, I will chat with you soon, till the next blog post, stay beautiful. xx


What do you think about Tote bags?? What do you think about the calico tote bag? If you were to make this bag, what fabric will you use for the pocket(s) or what finishing touches will you add to it?


Present Jam: Shut up by STOMZY (love this song!)


Helloooo lovelies,

How have you been? It has been like a week since I last posted and some things have occurred on my end (not the ‘usual’ things) some of which I will be gisting you about soon. For today’s outfit post, I wore prints and a white skirt… I like how ankara prints are now incorporated in our everyday styles  unlike that time people felt they should be worn on fridays only (I really can’t stand fashion ‘rules’). I decided to match the ankara buba top (my mum’s) with a different print for my choker and different print for my hand band because in my opinion, no such thing as prints don’t match. Basically, I just did the usual, i expressed myself. *insert grinning emoji here*














What I wore

Buba (top)- Mum’s wardrobe

Chocker and Hand band- Ankara pieces

Skirt- Name has rubbed off

Shoes- Ami clubwear

Bead hand bands- Yaba (thrifted)

Bag- Too old to still have a name tag

Belt- I took it out of my mum’s skirt

What is your take on this look and  the mixed- print Ankara trend? How else would you style an ankara buba top like this one?






Hey guys,

Are you as excited as i am?  Today’s outfit post is with my-not-so-flared-jeans and how i dressed it up and down.























TOP- chocolate

JEANS- soon

SHIRT- cedar wood

SANDALS- atmosphere

SHOE- atmosphere




BANGLE- thrifted

P.S- forgive the slippers and shoes photobombing. The sun was, and is still sapping my brain energy and my photographer’s(lekebaks). It’s like 1000 degree outchaaaa *insert laugh emoji here*

What do you think about these looks ? What are your hair management technique for this ‘harsh’ Lagos sun ?





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Present Jam- Grown Woman by BEYONCE

Hey Lovelies,
I’m guessing your week is going well?? Coincidentally, the shorts and top I wore in this outfit post are both from Mark & Spencer so I thought, why not just name the post M&S *inserts grinning emoji here* I was going to talk about how its beginning to get hot in Lagos, and how shorts will come in handy this season, but guess what? Its raining heavily here (the Irony). Hehe

hold up! let me pick my fro
hold up! let me pick my fro

What I wore
Shorts- M&S (Mum got ‘em for me)
Top- M&S (thrifted)
Shoes- Lilleys (thrifted)
Chocker- DIY Denim Chocker
Wrist piece- DIY denim bangle

I like this looks as it gives me a solid and edgy look combined, the shorts and top (tucked in) looks put together, I decided to throw in a sort-of edgy look by wearing my DIY denim chocker… and lets not forget my sneakers… they gave the outfit a relaxed yet edgy look as they are high (my Fenty Puma Wanna be *inserts laughing emoji here*). And the Ankara bag, I can’t get enough of that bag, the print is vibrant and always gives me that African touch I love so much (Representing Always). I just expressed myself with this outfit (could you tell I wanted a bit of many things, yh? No?) you should try that. Lemme know what you think of this outfit in the comment section down below.


PS. find out about my super affordable natural hair heroes here

Lots of love

What do you think of this outfit? Would you rock ’em? Do you own shorts and how do you style them?


Present jam: I’m yours by ALESSIA CARA. What’s yours?



So… it turns out that I am a 90’s baby (and for some weird reasons unknown to me I take a lot of pride in that) and we have got quite the retro innit? (ok, maybe not just the 90’s). If like myself you’ve seen Dope the movie, chances are that you would definitely just love… the whole retro Denim fashion styles and bikes too (I can’t ride a bike to save my life, I’d rather pull up in a whip to the joint 😏).
Retro style is quite a major trend now, whenever I go retro, my parent keep going on and on about how they rocked the style to its teeth while growing up (yeah, I got the slay from my parents 😊). From Denims to vintage shirts, shoes, bags, scarfs…retro in my opinion is just absolutely DOPE *winks*! You most likely have a vintage piece in your collection. They are effortlessly beautiful, stylish and are always mostly comfortable to wear and be in! (That is the major reason why I love ‘em).

It was very hot in Lagos when I took these pictures (until last night’s prodigal rain), so I switched the denim jacket for a light fabric kimono and I took of my socks along too.


*Special thanks to my friends Temi and Lekebaks*
What I wore

Jacket- New look

Tank- Atmosphere

Kimono- T&S

Jeans- Kirkland Signature

Shoes- Adidas superstar 2

Belt- I took it out of my mum’s skirt

Socks- I thrifted ‘em

*You could swap the belt with a vintage scarf or belt
*You could also pair this outfit with a pair of sandals
Just own your clothes girl.


Have a lovely weekend 💕

Would you rock this look? What vintage pieces do you own and how do you style them?


Hey guys
Happy new month coupled with the whole independence thing too, I had imagined this post would have been up about 3/5 days-ish ago but then life happened as always… enough about me already, how has it been going with you? This being my first style post, I might be a bit clumsy (forgive me, please 🙈).
Lots of girls have the ‘I don’t know what to wear problem’ meanwhile, your closet/wardrobe are filled with amazing pieces that we think for some weird reasons are ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ (till we see something similar on someone else looking fresh outta slay town and we just want to drag her!!!😂😂) or you just keep buying the wrong things for your pocket size. Dear girl, you should know what to buy… what you NEED to buy.
If you are a strict budget like myself…or not, you need to know some powerful pieces you should be buying. When shopping or thrifting, try to identify pieces that I like to call FOCAL PIECES, they are pieces that do not have a particular or strict personality (I hope you get what I mean 😏) this lack of personality allows for easy manipulations here and there for tuning to various styles to suit various purposes. Focal pieces can sometimes come off plain or ugly, like a pair of plain denim, no details, no embroidery, just a good ol’denim (get that ‘ugly’ denim girl!!!) or a plain black dress.
Another way to identify a focal piece is to envision yourself wearing it to more than one type of occasion, you want to be able to wear it to class, to the mall, chilling with your girls, to work and so on (with a bit of altering)…one piece, many SLAYS 😉😉
Cutting this my long story short, I will be giving you ideas on how to style your perceived various ‘ugly’ yet focal pieces you have been sleeping on… starting with a simple pair of denim jeans.

I've been serving face since the '90s
I’ve been serving face since the ’90s

I hope this was helpful, I hope that you can identify some focal pieces in your collection and tune them to fit your various styles… they are your clothes, own them girl!
Focal pieces are plain canvases, be a meticulous artist, just keep painting! 😁
Thank you for visiting my blog, please do leave a comment on some of your focal pieces.
Much love.
Hassie 😘😘
What focal piece do you own and how do you or will you style them? Leave a comment below.

My present jam- Miley Cyrus by Mike Posner. Whats yours?