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Present Jam: Shut up by STOMZY (love this song!)


Helloooo lovelies,

How have you been? It has been like a week since I last posted and some things have occurred on my end (not the ‘usual’ things) some of which I will be gisting you about soon. For today’s outfit post, I wore prints and a white skirt… I like how ankara prints are now incorporated in our everyday styles  unlike that time people felt they should be worn on fridays only (I really can’t stand fashion ‘rules’). I decided to match the ankara buba top (my mum’s) with a different print for my choker and different print for my hand band because in my opinion, no such thing as prints don’t match. Basically, I just did the usual, i expressed myself. *insert grinning emoji here*














What I wore

Buba (top)- Mum’s wardrobe

Chocker and Hand band- Ankara pieces

Skirt- Name has rubbed off

Shoes- Ami clubwear

Bead hand bands- Yaba (thrifted)

Bag- Too old to still have a name tag

Belt- I took it out of my mum’s skirt

What is your take on this look and  the mixed- print Ankara trend? How else would you style an ankara buba top like this one?






Hey guys,

Are you as excited as i am?  Today’s outfit post is with my-not-so-flared-jeans and how i dressed it up and down.























TOP- chocolate

JEANS- soon

SHIRT- cedar wood

SANDALS- atmosphere

SHOE- atmosphere




BANGLE- thrifted

P.S- forgive the slippers and shoes photobombing. The sun was, and is still sapping my brain energy and my photographer’s(lekebaks). It’s like 1000 degree outchaaaa *insert laugh emoji here*

What do you think about these looks ? What are your hair management technique for this ‘harsh’ Lagos sun ?





Present Jam- Sample you by MR EAZI

Hey beauties,

Howzit going? Going good? Remember how I talked about how most people wash their hair weekends here, well I am one of those people, I don’t have money to have my hair washed professionally (by a professional) yet, so I wash my hair myself. Today I will be sharing one of my  wash day routines with you with a simple DIY conditioner I used, it took me about 4 hours to wash my hair yesterday *in Kevin Hart’s voice* ‘Let me explain how’. So lets dive in

I section my hair first and detangled (this took about 20 minutes), I do most of my detangling outside the shower, then I washed each sections with the DUDU OSUN soap making sure I wash my scalp properly (get that product build up off) I also took the time to massage my scalp, this took me like 45 minutes ( I know, too long! 😖)

After washing each sections, I soaked my hair in my DIY conditioner concentrating on my tips then I cover it with 2 plastic wraps, to prevent the conditioner from dripping down my neck which can be very disgusting I tied a knee high soak around my head like so


This will prevent the dripping-down-my-neck-thing. I was supposed to leave the conditioner in for like an hour, but I slept off (don’t judge me please)…. So I ended up washing it off like 3 hours later, then I applied my leave-in (shea butter) and weaved my hair into 4 giant cornrows and allowed it to hair dry.

P.s Shea butter is a good and affordable leave-in conditioner. How? it CONDITIONS the hair (allows easy manipulations) and you can LEAVE it IN hence, it is a LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER

DIY conditioner

I mixed a cheap conditioner (that has plenty of slip) with honey and coconut oil easy peasy 😁

Have a wonderful week 💕💕


What’s your wash day like? How frequently do you wash your hair? How do you deep condition?





Present jam- Angels by CHANCE THE RAPPER and SABA

Hey guyyysss,

So the weekend is close and I’m guessing most people wash their hair during the weekend especially natural haired girls like myself that need a good 30-45 minutes to wash our hair minus deep conditioning (the sectioning and all, you know…), so I thought I’d do a review on the DUDU OSUN soap (meaning Black Camwood) and my hair, the pros and cons.  Having talked about my go-to tools and leave-in conditioner (shea butter) here I thought I’d tell y’all one of the things I use to wash my here. The DUDU OSUN soap is big, lathers well and relatively cheap, I got it for #200 (it used to be cheaper than that, sigh).


The ingredients are honey, shea butter, camwood, parmkernel oil, cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, Aloe vera, lime juice, water and fragrance. It doesn’t have a beautiful fragrance, but for some reasons I like what it smells like.



  • It is big and latters a lot so it lasts me for a long time.
  • Some of its ingredients are very good for the hair at least I know  Aloe vera, honey and Shea butter are great for my hair type (tightly packed kinks)
  • It washes my hair amazingly well, my hair feels super clean after I use it… squeaky clean! And my scalp too, if you have product build up in your hair, this soap will take care of that well!!


  • It dries out my hair, I’m guessing because of the lime juice in it.
  • It really hurts when it enters your eyes, really bad!
  • It dissolves very fast.

Overcoming the cons of this soap is easy, to solve hair dryness I deep condition after use and moisturize regularly and I try to prevent it from entering my eyes… try. Also, I keep the soap in a dry place, no wasting here guys!

I will normally use the soap every other hair washes making sure I deep condition after use, I really like the soap because it is budget friendly, lathers well, and leave my hair clean and squeaky *inserts grinning emoji here*



However, using the DUDU OSUN soap as a bathing soap is a totally different story that I will be talking about someday soon.



Do you use the DUDU OSUN soap for your body or hair? What are your experiences with the soap? What do you use to wash your hair and how well does it work for you?


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Present Jam- Grown Woman by BEYONCE

Hey Lovelies,
I’m guessing your week is going well?? Coincidentally, the shorts and top I wore in this outfit post are both from Mark & Spencer so I thought, why not just name the post M&S *inserts grinning emoji here* I was going to talk about how its beginning to get hot in Lagos, and how shorts will come in handy this season, but guess what? Its raining heavily here (the Irony). Hehe

hold up! let me pick my fro
hold up! let me pick my fro

What I wore
Shorts- M&S (Mum got ‘em for me)
Top- M&S (thrifted)
Shoes- Lilleys (thrifted)
Chocker- DIY Denim Chocker
Wrist piece- DIY denim bangle

I like this looks as it gives me a solid and edgy look combined, the shorts and top (tucked in) looks put together, I decided to throw in a sort-of edgy look by wearing my DIY denim chocker… and lets not forget my sneakers… they gave the outfit a relaxed yet edgy look as they are high (my Fenty Puma Wanna be *inserts laughing emoji here*). And the Ankara bag, I can’t get enough of that bag, the print is vibrant and always gives me that African touch I love so much (Representing Always). I just expressed myself with this outfit (could you tell I wanted a bit of many things, yh? No?) you should try that. Lemme know what you think of this outfit in the comment section down below.


PS. find out about my super affordable natural hair heroes here

Lots of love

What do you think of this outfit? Would you rock ’em? Do you own shorts and how do you style them?


Present Jam- Up and Up by COLDPLAY



It’s the weekend yaaay!! This week was super fast, yh?. I thought I’d share my everyday natural hair heroes as I get a number of questions about my hair. When it comes to my hair, I keep it minimal (I’m on a tight budget). I am a 4b/4c haired girl (kinks and curls) and I don’t load my hair with too many products. I believe in technique, healthy maintenance rather than products, not to say products are bad, but if you can’t afford so many products like me… don’t beat yourself over it.
There are a 100 and 1 natural hair product brands today, and a 1000 and 1 products. Even after over 2 years of being natural, I still don’t know my way around these products. You do not NEED a 1000 and 1 products, what you need is techniques. You need to know what styles works for you, like your go-to style (mine is a twistout). Thanks to naturalista on YouTube, these styles can be learnt easily. I suggest you should look up @naptural85, she is my naturalista icon, she will hook you up good.

Below are my Natural hair superheroes, they are very pocket friendly and always saves the day

The way our hair is built, it is naturally dry, so you need to always keep it moisturized, you should spray your hair with water as frequently as possible.

Shea butter
This will lock in moisture, they are number of DIY shea butter mix, I personally mixed mine with coconut oil and olive oil.

For moisturizing, there are plenty of oils but 2-3 will do just fine. Oils also gives your hair shine

Combs and Brushes
Wide tooth if you must use them, as combs can be very harsh on the hair, brushes helps to lay your edges.

Bobby pins
Get as much as you can. You will be surprise how they keep reducing; this will help to style your hair.

Spray bottle
Or just get your empty perfume/deodorant bottle and wala!! Spray bottle (that is what I did for 2 years, I recently got an ‘actual’ spray bottle). I usually carry it around with water in it to moisturize my hair.

(Optional) If you must use remember to also moisturize your hair beforehand, as they can be harsh.

Bands and scrunches
For styling your hair and holding them in place.

Lastly, but not the least, Patience. It’s just hair, no pressure!

Have a lovely weekend


What are your hair superheroes and why? What is your go-to style and how long does it take you to achieve it? What oils do you use and why?


Present Jam: Closer by CHAINSMOKERS and HELSEY

Heyyy Guys’
How is your week going? I want to share some things about me,below are 20 things about me you probably didn’t know. Feel free to comment down below on some things we have in common.
1. I’m a Gemini and we are the BEST!!! (If you don’t think so, comment down below)Say heyyy if you are a #teamGemini .
2. I cook a lot, like everyday and I also bake. Yeah, you can call me a foodie. Hehe
3. My all time favourite movies are The hard way the only way, The breakfast club, 12 Angry men and Shawshank Redemption. (Morgan freeman been killing it since the ‘90s). I love classics.

4. When I get uneasy, I pronounce most words wrongly (it can be so embarrassing). And I cannot pronounce the word enthusiasm… and I like that word, so I always try to say it with fail.
5. I have 2 brothers that I am older than, but somehow I am the ‘smallie’
6. I love fruits, you can call me a fruit junkie.
7. I really like tattoos, sadly, I don’t have one…yet. Someday, I will get 1 or 2 or 3-5. Hahahaha
8. I speak Yoruba fluently (well, that’s if I am not uneasy around you), I understand Sign language (I am a bit rusty as I do not have a friend or relative that can Sign) and I am presently learning French, Spanish is next, yh, I am beginning to have a thing for Language.
9. It is said that I have a resting bitch face, or you can mistake me for quiet or gentle… I am not, just wear my poker face on too many times.
10. I am VERY sarcastic, (this is a family thing) I usually have a problem holding a long time conversation with people that don’t understand or like sarcasm.
11. I READ a lot! From novels to history books to psychology books… if it has words…I am reading it. You can almost call me a NERD (actually, I am been called a nerd). My favourite novel writer now is COLEEN HOOVER and favourite book from her are Hopeless, Losing hope and Confess.
12. I am a writer (check my IG for writing @Hassie_a), I have not fully exploited this potential… I hope do so some day, maybe write a book.
13. I don’t joke with honesty!!
14. I think A LOT… that is my favourite thing to do. And I have a very big imagination,
15. I will like to travel around the world someday… see the world and have more things to think about.
16. I am a bit of a Feminist (putting it mildly).
17. If I were to have a pet, it’d be a Rabbit or a Cat (that looks like Garfield, haha)
18. My favourite colour is GREEN
19. I am very Emotional but I hide behind my poker face and jokes (I hear I am very funny)
20. I am fascinated by people that are spontaneous, as I am not…Unlike terms attracts they say.

Have a lovely day

What do we have in common?? Comment down below as I will like to know some things about you too.


Present jam: I’m yours by ALESSIA CARA. What’s yours?



So… it turns out that I am a 90’s baby (and for some weird reasons unknown to me I take a lot of pride in that) and we have got quite the retro innit? (ok, maybe not just the 90’s). If like myself you’ve seen Dope the movie, chances are that you would definitely just love… the whole retro Denim fashion styles and bikes too (I can’t ride a bike to save my life, I’d rather pull up in a whip to the joint 😏).
Retro style is quite a major trend now, whenever I go retro, my parent keep going on and on about how they rocked the style to its teeth while growing up (yeah, I got the slay from my parents 😊). From Denims to vintage shirts, shoes, bags, scarfs…retro in my opinion is just absolutely DOPE *winks*! You most likely have a vintage piece in your collection. They are effortlessly beautiful, stylish and are always mostly comfortable to wear and be in! (That is the major reason why I love ‘em).

It was very hot in Lagos when I took these pictures (until last night’s prodigal rain), so I switched the denim jacket for a light fabric kimono and I took of my socks along too.


*Special thanks to my friends Temi and Lekebaks*
What I wore

Jacket- New look

Tank- Atmosphere

Kimono- T&S

Jeans- Kirkland Signature

Shoes- Adidas superstar 2

Belt- I took it out of my mum’s skirt

Socks- I thrifted ‘em

*You could swap the belt with a vintage scarf or belt
*You could also pair this outfit with a pair of sandals
Just own your clothes girl.


Have a lovely weekend 💕

Would you rock this look? What vintage pieces do you own and how do you style them?


Hey guys
Happy new month coupled with the whole independence thing too, I had imagined this post would have been up about 3/5 days-ish ago but then life happened as always… enough about me already, how has it been going with you? This being my first style post, I might be a bit clumsy (forgive me, please 🙈).
Lots of girls have the ‘I don’t know what to wear problem’ meanwhile, your closet/wardrobe are filled with amazing pieces that we think for some weird reasons are ‘ugly’ or ‘plain’ (till we see something similar on someone else looking fresh outta slay town and we just want to drag her!!!😂😂) or you just keep buying the wrong things for your pocket size. Dear girl, you should know what to buy… what you NEED to buy.
If you are a strict budget like myself…or not, you need to know some powerful pieces you should be buying. When shopping or thrifting, try to identify pieces that I like to call FOCAL PIECES, they are pieces that do not have a particular or strict personality (I hope you get what I mean 😏) this lack of personality allows for easy manipulations here and there for tuning to various styles to suit various purposes. Focal pieces can sometimes come off plain or ugly, like a pair of plain denim, no details, no embroidery, just a good ol’denim (get that ‘ugly’ denim girl!!!) or a plain black dress.
Another way to identify a focal piece is to envision yourself wearing it to more than one type of occasion, you want to be able to wear it to class, to the mall, chilling with your girls, to work and so on (with a bit of altering)…one piece, many SLAYS 😉😉
Cutting this my long story short, I will be giving you ideas on how to style your perceived various ‘ugly’ yet focal pieces you have been sleeping on… starting with a simple pair of denim jeans.

I've been serving face since the '90s
I’ve been serving face since the ’90s

I hope this was helpful, I hope that you can identify some focal pieces in your collection and tune them to fit your various styles… they are your clothes, own them girl!
Focal pieces are plain canvases, be a meticulous artist, just keep painting! 😁
Thank you for visiting my blog, please do leave a comment on some of your focal pieces.
Much love.
Hassie 😘😘
What focal piece do you own and how do you or will you style them? Leave a comment below.

My present jam- Miley Cyrus by Mike Posner. Whats yours?

first post…..yaay


Hello the name is Hasanat and this is me welcoming you to mikun styles, where it is all going to be about YOU!!! I decided to start this blog out of this goodwill of my heart, you can call it my very own humanitarian service to the world (mikun to the rescue!) because I want to enlighten people like myself on how to look and live stylishly on a budget. This would be starting with hints and tips on how to feel and look stylish and fabulous with basically what you have or what you can afford. There will be lots of DIYs, to cut expense corners and still SLAY.
I am quite a big foodie (this is me putting it mildly), and I cook a lot being the only girl and having two brothers that just understand food comes out of the kitchen with the wave of a magic wand, your gain though, as there would be quite a number of food posts, I also bake, so yeah… there will be easy DIY cake making that will be pocket friendly and maybe pastries. I write also (you can check my IG page to see some of my poems @hassie_a), so every now and then there would be some poems posting, writings and quotes, which will be highly relatable.
Looking stylish is almost becoming high end… EXPENSIVE is taken hand in hand with the word stylish, that to slay one most have a fat pocket (high end fashion is not a bad idea… if you can afford it). But you see, I am presently on this tight budget (let’s all be honest who isn’t right? No?…ok!) and I also want to slay like all the other girls nah!… so, I woke up from my long year slumber of ‘I don’t have what to wear’ I hope I am able to wake many ladies out there from this deep slumber. Quite a number of fashion posts here would be very pocket friendly (my pocket is not friendly at the moment by the way), how to look stylish and fabulous on a budget sort to say, I would be treating this topic well because I am on a budget too myself. There is nothing wrong with being on a budget, it just means you have a financial management plan, which in my opinion is a good way to be sure you are utilizing your resources well enough (financial resources being the main attention). Also, there would be some posts to help identify your style, as understanding ones styles stands as a yard stick to incorporate other styles (I try some other styles every now and then, with comfort being a constant… or nah), I am looking to help show you guys how to incorporate some fashion expressions, that you probably did not use to dig maybe because you were just sleeping on that piece, because it is ‘ugly’.
I hope this blog will not be one way-ed, as I will love to hear from you every now and then (the good and the bad). Thank you for checking my blog out. I hope to see more of you.

Much love