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I’m one of those people that wake up with one song in their head…. And unconsciously hum and sing that same song all day long, that’s what I mean when I say ‘present jam’ that song I sing all day… that’s my PRESENT JAM

Present Jam: Bootylicious by DESTINY’s CHILD


Hello guys,

I am here with this outfit post, my first outfit post of #2017… Quite a number of people have put up their new year’s resolutions, but I thought I’d rather share with you guys any changes that occurs with me as they happen, you know… Carry you along😸 I will be doing this in my #currently I am tag.

So, outfit post 😁 outfit posts excites me because I like to share my fashion tips or ideas with you guys and I just love clothes and taking photos 😸.


I finally wore this blazzer my mum got me, it sat pretty in my wardrobe for over 3 years… Yes, you read that right 3 long years and one day, I was clearing out and I feel in love with it!! Does this happen to anyone else?


Is it just me or it has a retro feel to it??I decided to wear it as a shirt (without a Cami) because it’s so hot here ( it gets cold sometimes… I don’t get this harmattan)

What I wore

Blazzer- Miwon

Skirt- Random (thrifted)

Bag- Random (thrifted)

Shoes- Random (thrifted)

Belt – Thrifted


I paired the blazzer with a bandage skirt to give the look a bit of defintion since it looked like an oversized shirt (which I love so much)



I opted for  the belt to give the look more structure and retro-nness 😂

My little purse is a new favorite, I recently thrifted it, it cost #500 and I am glad I came acrossdsc_3567-01

My mules were giving me major life!!The one thing I had in mind when picking this outfit was comfort. Dear girl, get comfortable in your clothes 😊


Till the next blog post. xx


What do you think of this outfit post? Do you think it has a retro feel to it? Would you rock this outfit? Do you own a piece that you have never tried on?? 

Comment down below




Happy New year lovelies!!

Present Jam- Problem by REKADO BANK

I recently washed and deep conditioned my hair, I made some mistakes that helped me gather some tips, so I thought I’d share them with you guyss.

Hi, how have you been??
I washed my hair the DUDU OSUN soap, I have a post where I talked about the pros and cons of using the soap as a shampoo if you haven’t seen it yet click here and enjoy..
I had never made a DIY conditioner with fruits or any edibles, so I thought I’d give it a shot, I opted for the banana mix because banana is known to soften the hair and allow for easy manageability. Below are the things I used  for the deep conditioner and their benefits.

1. Banana- Softenes the hair, allow easy management by loosening curls.
2. Egg(s)- For healthier hair also gives the hair shine also assist growth.
3. Coconut oil- For moisture (olive oil can be used instead).
4. Honey- For hair growth, prevents lost of moisture and softens the hair.
5. Plastic caps- To trap in heat.
6. Knee length socks- To prevent dripping of the mix down your neck


Step 1.
Blend the bananas till it reaches a fine consistency, I didn’t blend the bananas I cut and mashed them that was the first mistake I made.
Step 2.
Break in egg(s) and blend well. I used on egg, depending on preference your can use two. If you don’t like the smell of eggs use just egg white. The second mistake I made was putting in yolk, I was nauseated half the time.
Step 3.
Measure into the mix 4 tablespoons of honey and coconut oil and blend for few seconds.
Step 4.
Sieve the mixture, using a fine sieve. This is very important. You don’t want to have banana caught in your hair, it is a very painful experience. I was in the shower for over 2 hours pickiing out Banana bits out of my hair.

After making the condioner, I finger detangled on wet hair (to reduce breakage) and I washed my hair in sections. My hair wash squeaky clean then I applied the conditioner to the washed sections. I wore 2 plastic caps to trap moisture then I tied a knee length sock round my head. I left the conditioner on for an hour (nauseated by the smell of the egg)
Then I washed it out, I then put my hair in African threading (not fully cocooned) to stretch my hair, you can style as preferred after washing the conditioner out, make sure you use a cream base products to moisturize your hair while styling, I usually use my Shea butter mix.

It shouldn't look like this, it should be smooth, no lumps
It shouldn’t look like this, it should be smooth, no lumps

After I took down the threading the next day, I hair felt so soft, it was very easy to style it. I wore my hair out for over 8 hours and it was still very soft and shrinkage was very minimal.


I will definitely suggest this DIY CONDITIONER if you haven’t tried it before.

This conditioner is not restricted to naturals, relaxed haired girls can use it too.

I hope this post was helpful, and I hope to hear from you. Till the next blog post. xx


What do you think of DIY conditioners?? Have you tried them?? Which condioner mix have you tried and how was the experience??


Present  Jam: Mad over you by RUNTOWN

I was reading blog posts from one of my favourite blogger one night, when I thought ‘why not interview a blogger every month?’. Then I thought I’d start next year, but then again, why wait?. So yeah, My blogger of the month begins…

My first blogger is Funke, when she started her blog sometime in April I was immediately fascinated I had wanted to start my blog about that time (but I didn’t, because I was waiting for the ‘right time’ that never came). The major thing that caught my attention was the name TUTUSDIARY, I thought the blog would have juicy contents knowing it will reveal her dairy… she will write about her experiences I liked the idea. So lets meet Funke

Heyyy guys!

Its been a minute, I know… I missed you guys too.

Fro be popping
Fro be popping
  1. What is your name and age?

My name is Bada Adefunke (Tutu geh) and I am 21 years old and counting *grinning*

2. Tell us a little about your blog and how old it is?

My blog Tutus diary is my safe zone on the net where I share all about my discoveries and adventures in life. In my diary, I pen down everyday happenings, my daily interactions with people, my faith, my career path, fashion and things that excite me. You should visit the blog to check it out *grinning*. And the blog is 8 months old *yaaay*.



3. How did you first get into blogging?

I started blogging officially April 2016, but I created the blog January 2016. Before then, I had conceived the idea but never birthed it because I was scared of not being consistent. I closed my eyes to all the if’s and but’s and here I am today.


4. Who has impacted you most in your blogging journey and how?

This will be Sisi of Sisi Yemmie blog. She is a lifestyle blogger/ Vlogger who documents all about her life living in Lagos, Nigeria. I love love watching her vlogs just because I can relate to them and it helps me not to lose my touch with home. And my visit to her blog keeps me reeling with ideas.

5. What is the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

When I had to relocate from Nigeria to the US and I still had to churn out content with big relevance to people in Nigeria, because most of my blog views are from people in Nigeria. I had to stop blogging for a while, try to adjust to the weather and all, create more than enough blog draft and get back to my safe zone

Funke in America. loool
Funke in America. loool

6. What has your blogging experience taught you?

It has taught me to read more, stop procrastinating, interact more with people, and be social.

7. What else do you do other than blogging?

I was a Business Development Officer/ Content creation specialist in a technology company where I worked 8am-5pm every other weekdays, but right now am just a work in progress working here and there till I take the next step.

She was wearing Gbemisoke shoes... I know because I kinda stalk her Ig
She was wearing Gbemisoke shoes… I know because I kinda stalk her Ig

8. Who is your style icon and why?

I don’t think I have one in particular but on Instagram I love Ella Mo because she stays classy and fashionable at an affordable price and she monetizes on her page big time.

9. What is your favorite fashion brand and why?

I actually don’t have a favorite but I love high street fashion brands; which means I am in love with stores that offer stylish and trendy clothing for affordable prices. From Rue 21, H&M, River Island, Primark, Asos, Forever 21, New Look etc. Who wants to break the bank to look good when I can look good for less? Not me.


10. Where can we find you on social media?

I am on Instagram and twitter @tutu_geh, on facebook: Adefunke Alice Bada and Snapchat: @ms_bee16. Let’s connect on there guys!!!

That is it guys, Funke my blogger of the month!

I should mention this, Funke was so pleasant to chat with, she gave me a reason to believe that the blogger’s community is a nice and friendly place to be in. I now have more confidence to chat up other bloggers. Thank you Funke!!

Till the next blog post and I hope that will be pretty soon. xx


What do you think of this new category? Any suggestions on possible future interview questions?

Please leave a comment down below.




Current jam- Don’t save her by J.COLE

Heyy guys (this is getting old, I know)

So, I recently posted a picture on my instagram (@mikunstyles) and I asked if you’d like a post on how I keep my hair moisturized daily and I got a few Yess. So here it is…

First of, natural kinky hair type is naturally dry, the implication of this is that the natural state of us #fro girl’s hair is DRY, having said this I hope you can breathe… its not you girl, its your hair *inserts laughing emoji here*

There are various ways to keep your hair moisturized, but in this post, I will start with the very basic that you can easily achieve daily.

LOC- yes the infamous Liquid, Oil and Cream method

This method is super easy and fast, whenever I am wearing my hair out, I opt for this method… I will normally section my hair (to work in the LOC properly)

  • My liquid is water (not too much because too much water shrinks my hair), I spray water on my hair making sure I work the water into my hair strands (this can be tricky especially if you have low porosity hair) and also making sure the water gets to my scalp, it is very important that your scalp gets water too, your scalp is just as important as your hair if not more important.

P.S Aloe vera juice can be used in place of water.

  • I grab my Oil which is usually Coconut oil or sometimes Olive oil apply it to my hair in a very small quantity, I do this because too much oil in the hair attracts dust, and I don’t want that, but if you like your hair to shine, you can go overboard with the oil, just make sure you wash your hair when needed.
  • My cream is Shea butter; it acts as the sealant that is it locks the moisture from the water and oil into the hair strands. I prefer the shea butter cream because it is affordable and easy to work into my hair. I apply just a little cream to my scalp to avoid dry scalp and prevent product build up on my scalp. Then I style as desired which is mostly an updo.

Note, the ends of your hair should get so much love, they are the oldest and need more attention. You should also get a trim when needed. I have only trimmed my hair once, I cut about an inch all round.

My hair stays moisturized for a few hours after the LOC method after which it goes back to its natural state ‘DRY’ this is where my Spray bottle comes in.

When I feel like my hair is dry, I just spray it with water, just a few pumps and I will immediately I see my hair come back to live, my curl pattern will become more visible and my curls begin to pop looool

The content of my spray bottle varies.

  • Sometimes its just water
  • Other times it is water with a small amount of oil (for a little shine)
  • Or water mixed with a leave-in conditioner. I use this dark and lovely leave-in,
    this mixture leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized.

I mostly just spray my hair with water, but if I’m feeling a little extra, I go extra *inserts laughing emoji here*

The journey to a moisturized hair is not achieved in a day; you have to add it to your routine, think of your hair as a plant that cannot flourish without water. On this note, I end this natural hair care story. Till the next blog post.

What do you think of this post? Will you like me to post on how I care for my hair when it is in a protective style or when I am not wearing it out??

Please leave a comment down below. I always love to hear from you. It literally makes me grin


Present Jam: No forget by ADEKUNLE GOLD and SIMI

Howdy?? I recently had my hair done (maybe not too recently). Have you ever had your hair done so badly, that you go home and almost cry…or just cry either from how ugly it looks or how much it hurts? Well, I have, I have had my hair done that I cried on my way home like 10 times or more. Especially when I use so much money to make an ugly hair, sigh… so yeah, I have experience with badly done hair. You might be wondering why I allow this happen to me more than once, well, I trust the hairstylist too much, that I never ask questions looool. Actually, I used to be too timid to speak up… but no more!
You know how you walk into a salon and pick a style, and the hair stylist goes all ‘aunty I can make the style’ but ends up doing something totally different and ugly. It can be a total balls buster. I have combined some tips to avoid going through badly done hair.


Salons can be very distracting, so many gist flying around, don’t be too distracted, pay attention to what is the stylist is doing on your head, that way you can notice any fault as soon as possible.


I used to be too shy to do this, I don’t know why. See, you are paying for the service so ask as many questions as possible, don’t die in silence! Complain when the hair hurts, because if you don’t, you will pay severely for it at night.


If you are not already facing the mirror, ask to see a mirror, this will save you time as you can detect a fault as soon as possible, rather than after the hair is done. Some hairstylist for some reason will be reluctant to give you a mirror, abeg emphasis, otherwise, get up and leave.


You should style the hair how you like it to  see if it fits, rather than having the hairstylist do it his or her way, as you might have different perspective (most hairstylist I have visited, tends to comb or brush my hair flat, but I like big hair). I will normally pick a comb or brush and style as preferred when I have weaves on and when I have braids, I pack it or style it as desired.


They want you to leave as soon as possible, don’t be in a rush, look at a mirror to detect any errors, and be at alert, this is when they tend to put too much oil or so… decline fast and vehemently if you don’t want this.

I hope these tips helped you, till the next blog post . xx


What are your experiences with the salon like? Did you find these tips helpful?What are your salon tips?
comment down below, I always like to hear from you.


Present Jam: Ballerz by WANDE COAL


Hey peeps,

How have you been since the last post? I have been so busy, this post in my imagination should have been up since Tuesday, but life happened. If you had a long week like myself, I hope this playful outfit of mine makes you feel better.



I haven’t thought of a title for this post, I am thinking ‘thrift-y’ because virtually everything I was wearing was thrifted, remember how in my last post I said I might become a thrift-addict, maybe I am. Hassie loves to save an extra penny *inserts laughing emoji here* 




This outfit made me feel like a small school girl, I am so happy I came across the dungarees denim skirt during my last thrifting adventure. Is it just me or this outfit has a retro feel to it?? Yes retro is totally the new cool for me… technically ‘old cool’ get it??? *inserts wink emoji here*


The tie the knot trend is also and ‘old skool’ thingy and I loove it. I tied my knot to the side… ohhh I just found a title *inserts grinning emoji here* 



What I Wore


Tank F&F thrifted

DenimDenim Co (thrifted)

Pop socksThrifted

BagMMH (thrifted)

ShowsBlowfish (Thrifted)

Glasses– Nameless



P.S Excuse any flaw you might see in the pictures, I had to change on the road and that is not a very easy thing to do. You would spot my DIY tote bag in most of the pictures, that bag is too loyal!! Click here to see the post on the bag


Till the next blog post where I will be sharing with some of the trials of visiting a salon and how to overcome them, stay tuned.


with love xx


What do you think of thrifting? Where and what do you thrift? Would you like me to do a How-to-thrift- post? 

Please comment down below, I always like to hear from you.


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Present Jam- This is what you came for by CALVIN HARRIS and RIHANNA


Hey Guys,

How have you been?? I have been doing quite good, a major change is about to happen to me, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about it *fingers crossed*. Today’s post is going to be things that I am currently doing, feeling or experiencing. This is a post idea I saw on Ifeoma’s blog (I am in love with her blog guys).  Lets, dive straight in..


A tank top and a pair of shorts, it is so hot here in Lagos, I take my bathe like 3 times a day.


I had a camera, this will give my blog more quality pictures, My hTC phone and some edits have been doing the job quite well I must say.

Determined to:

Write and read more, as I have been slaking lately.


Shawama and a bottle of cold coke. I just ate a big bowl (yes bowl) of spaghetti and fish, but if I see shawama now, I will still down it #teamfoodie

Looking forward to:

Making my hair, there is usually a lot of anxiety around making my hair, I always have mixed feelings, because I am always worried about a number of things like my edges, if it will hurtand many more…in the near future, I will share with you on my visit to the salon… the experience.

Excited about:

My logo, I am having a logo done, a header image and my name customized (actually, my nickname). I am very excited about this, Thank you in anticipation Ola *inserts kiss smiley here*


My Dad’s birthday, I will be making his cake and I can’t wait!

Happy about:

The things I found in my last thrift, there is a post on the shoes I got here, I will be telling you about the other things I bought soon.

Planning to:

Color the ends of my hair, I am waiting for it to get to a particular length (about 12”), that might still be a while, but a girl can plan, right? I still haven’t decided what color… any ideas??


The suede pant trend, I hope I run into one (an affordable one) soon.

Not looking forward:

Using a mosquito net, those things make me really hot. I will have to use it soon, like next week. I will give you full gist soon.


TEXAS FURY by Fern Michaels, yes I am already working on my ‘determination’

Inspired by:

Ifeoma @thesvnflwr her instagram feeds is shugga!!


Nothing really.


The effort my friend and photographer is putting into helping my blog get better. Thank you Leke *inserts smile emoji here*


That the break outs on my face will clear off someday…soon I have been struggling with pimples and breakouts for so long now, its so tiring!

This is me currently, I will like to know what you’re up to currently, comment down below, I will love to hear from you

Till next time xx


What are you doing currently? what do you think of this blog post?


Present Jam- Scars to your Beautiful by ALESSIA CARA

I honestly think the  days are running by fast, and I am kind of freaking out, why? I will share that with you soon, in literally to time (get it?)

Hello lovelies,

How have you been since the last post? I have been quite well… quite. Today’s post was supposed to be a mini haul post, but for better clarity, I decided to split the ‘haul’ into sections, starting with shoes.

Yesterday, I went thrifting at the infamous Yaba market, and I bought quite a number of things that I will be showing to you soon.

I bought these two pairs shoes for less than #4000, actually, I got them for #3500, I am not too sure if I bargained well enough, but I am quite pleased with the shoes, I am already envisioning myself slaying in them.

The first one I got is this brown swede pointy mouth shoes it is a L‘emporio iii Prato shoe.



Honestly, I almost did not buy them because it did not look so good until I tried it on, I fell in love immediately I tried it on.


I did not used to like pointy shoes before because I thought they make my feet look funny (I kinda have a wide feet) but I am in love with them now, I think they are really chic (I have a friend that will say ‘I told you so’ after seeing this post).




This shoes cost #2000

The second shoes: this  Blowfish malibu shoes, I feel in love with this one immediately it was a love at first site, the whole buckles thing got me like Dauuummn!! (I go wear this shoe tire).



I love that it has air space at the sides, this will give my feet breathing space haha.


And it is super comfy, the landing in is soft and foamy


This shoe cost #1500

Hope to see you soon on my next post, where I should be featuring more of my thrift buys

Till the next blog post, with love xx


Thrifting was such a good experience, I like how you can get really durable pieces for ‘dash’ prices, I will be thrifting more often. What is your take on thrifting?? Do you thrift if you do where do you thrift?


Present Jam- 6 inch by BEYONCE ft THE WEEKEND

Hello beauties,

The weekend is almost over, I wonder where it is always rushing too, but as we prepare to go into the new week, I thought it’d be nice to have some everyday health tips. For me being clean is very important! as I tend to react to dirts furiously, I have very sensitive skin guyssss, its not even funny. Someday soon, I will tell you about my break-out struggles.

Below are some of my everyday hygiene tips



Ok, let me rephrase, don’t touch your face too frequently. In between door knobs, typing on your phone and using the toilet our hand come in contact with millions of germs and this makes the hands our greatest skincare enemy.



Our phones comes in contact with our face one too many times, and they say phones are filled with germs more than toilets (I don’t know how true that is, looool) try as much as possible to wipe them clean with a not-so-wet wipes or with mentholated spirit and cotton wool at least once a day.


Our panties needs proper care girlssss, you know how easily we can get infection, whatever method you use when  washing them, make sure you don’t spread them inside out since that is the part that comes in contact with your pubic are (okay, Vjay-jay).



Public railings are the grossest things, they are full of GERMS! If you want to know how dirty they are, sit close to a public railing for just 5, and watch how that person that just picked his/her nose rubbed it on the railing or that person that sneezed into his/her hand rubbed it on the railing too, its an endless list of disgusting rubbings. If you must touch the railings, use a hand sanitizer afterwards.


I hope these tips were helpful, please do leave a comment down below if you have questions, till the next blog post. xx


What are your everyday hygiene tips?