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‘Don’t just dream, you deserve a reality too’

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog, if you are new you…welcome, thank you for stopping by… I hope you subscribe and stop by again.
This post was due yesterday, but life happened, (I am sure you get it…life I mean). slip dress (15)For today’s post I will be featuring this slip dress I got many moons ago, layering in this heat wave in it. slip dress (8)If you have been following my blog for a while, you will remember a thrift haul I posted in march how I finally came across a slip dress, I haven’t tried it on ever since, I did play dress up in the dress few months ago and I posted a picture on instagram.
Today, I will be showing you 3 ways I layered my slip dress. slip dress

  • Layering UNDER

slip dress (16)slip dress (9)I went with a short sleeved T-shirt as opposed a long sleeve (since it is currently hot in my country). I added a woven hat (for shade) and fan to jazz things up. slip dress (13)slip dress (12)slip dress (17)Remember how I talked about hats here, I just had to feature one soon after (sure there will be more hats coming right at you *winks*).slip dress (19)I got this hat in Cross river sometime in January and I did put a post about it up.slip dress (14)

  • Layering OVER

slip dress (3)slip dress (7)Denim has my heart, if you didn’t already know that I am guessing you are new here, again welcome, very glad you stopped by. slip dress (5)You must be thinking if it is hot why go for a thick fabric (denim), well I wore my jacket as a cold shoulder plus I had my fan *grins*slip dress (4)

  • Layering AROUND

slip dress (1)

This is pretty like layering over, but I just wanted to be extra and so I went for around…as in around my waist *winks*. The ankara fabric just added major life to this look. slip dress (1)I got this ankara peblum from THM.Co and it has endless possibilities, click here to see an old post featuring it. You definitely will be seeing more of it in feature posts. slip dress (2)That’s about it for today’s post, I hope you liked it. If you did share and subscribe to the thank you. xx



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Acne, acne scars, bushy brow, lashes short af... Still Queening
Acne, acne scars, bushy brow, lashes short af… Still Queening

Hey guys,
Welcome back to the blog, if you are new here…Welcome!! Hope you stop by next time too.
Today, I am going to be talking about ‘Acne’. Hey gorgeous,  acne doesn’t make you ugly. Before I jump right into it, I should tell you that I don’t  feel confident in my the way my skin(face) looks always, I’m still working on feeling beautiful everyday with my acne, but I figured writing about it will make me and anyone with acne issues reading this feel better. acne (10) I’ve been battling with pimples/acne for more than 7 years now (I have said that earlier here)  and its been a roller coasters, I’ve had people tell me it’ll be over before I turned 21, I’m 23 now and still on it 😂.     acne (5)
On some days it looks ‘better’ on other days it’s more of an eye sore.
On some days I cry just by looking in the mirror (actual tears) sometimes I make conscious effort not to look in the mirror because I just might burst into tears loool.  acne (8)
Let’s not even talk about numerous ‘skin care’ products I’ve tried and how I spend my last card on them. Sigh.    acne (11) In all truth, I don’t really know how to pick/lay skin care products, so maybe I have been using the wrong things or the right things wrongly or maybe not!
acne (7)acne (4)Know this, you are not ugly because you have acne, you are beautiful  with or without acne , don’t be afraid to look in the mirror, don’t let acne make you insecure, don’t feel too bad that you have to hold back hot tears when a random person asks you if you wash your face regularly or when a roadside ‘skin care’ trader follows you for a good 3 minutes trying to sell you their ‘magic acne remover’.       acne (9)
Don’t shy away from selfies (like me) take pictures, look in the mirror, hold your head up high, ignore that passenger sitting next to you trying to ‘advise’ you on the soap, cream, cleanser, pill or whatever to use…don’t get mad that you have to add extra efforts to conceal your acne when wearing makeup, remember that we all have our struggles, some are just more visible than others.
acne (3)At this stage of my acne journey, I have decided to breathe and realize how beautiful I am with my acne and it’s scars, (this works for me on some days, on other days I legit break down…it’s fine because I’m taking baby steps) after all, scars are like medals from battles we won (or still fighting in my case).    acne (1)
Below are 3 things I have been doing and will be sticking to, these 3 things will be the foundation of my ‘Skin care’ routine

  • Wash my face
    I wash my face at least twice daily, on some days I wash like 4 times depending on how my face feels and if I have access to clean water and maybe my cleansers.
  • Change my pillowcase regularly
    I try to do this every other day, it is very important to change your pillowcase regularly especially if you wear your hair out. The hair traps dusts and dirt which can be transferred onto the pillow case then your face.
  • Pray
    Last but not the least, pray! Yes I pray about my acne. This might sound funny, but praying about your acne or anything will give you direction. There are a million and one skin care products in the market, trust me, you will need God’s intervention to choose correctly besides God is the ultimate problem solver.
    I hope you find this post helpful, don’t forget share on your various social media platforms someone might need to read this. Also subscribe so you don’t miss any of my future posts. Stay blessed and beautiful 💕💕    Hassie


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Pajamas (7)Heyyy guys,
I hope you had a good weekend and you are all geared up for the new week.
For today’s outfit post, I have come with ‘my’ everyday style in my pajamas pants, I live in my pajamas pants literally everyday!! They’re the most comfortable guys, nothing like them!!
Pajamas (4)Remember in my last post, I talked about the pajamas trends not going anywhere so I thought I’d better join the fun. Pajamas (5)From pictures, you can tell that I barely put a lot of effort into this look, like I could have easily rolled out of bed like this (well, with shirt tucked out, without the shoes, fanny pack loool) and that’s the point of this look, it’s lazy, easy on the eyes and even easier on the body. Pajamas (12)Pajamas (14)Like if you’re not careful you could fall asleep  wearing this about 😂😂 that’s how comfortable it is.
I’m really digging the over-sized look because I really can’t stress, I love wearing comfortable clothes…Pajamas (9)Pajamas (8)Fashion and style has gone beyond wearing ‘proper’ clothes (if you know what I mean) it’s more of wearing what you like, what you’re comfortable in, what your mood is like…confidently.Pajamas (13)Honestly, there was a time I wouldn’t have tried this look out because people might think its ‘weird’. 
I decided to pair my pants with an over-sized T-shirt instead of the complete pajamas (kind of like easing into the trend).

The Orb of life. loool
The Orb of life. loool

Most likely in the nearest feature I’ll be going for the complete pajamas package, or maybe even mix my pajamas 😏. I thought the fanny pack kind of flattered the look,

Pajamas (3)It gave me an ‘OG 90s street style bad gal’ look Looool.Pajamas (11)Pajamas (10)

I hope you found this post somewhat inspiring and cool, please leave a comment below, let me know what you think.

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This time last week, I was in the fashion week mood, it’s funny how time flies.LFDW 3 (27)
Hey guys!!
Welcome to the month of November, I wish you a happy new month 💕
Today, I have come with another #lfdw post, I will be sharing with you my top 5 trends at the Heineken Lagos Fashion & Design week  and some of the designers that showcased pieces with those trends. I initially thought I was going to do more than 5 but that’d make this post extremely long, so I decided to narrow it down to 5.
There were lots of fascinating designs  that gave me style inspiration
Bear in mind that I will be referencing to few of the designers to make this post as short (reader friendly) as possible.  LFDW 3 (1)Also, none of the pictures in this post are mine except the first picture. I got all the pictures from various instagram accounts.

    I was happy to see cutout pieces incorporated in a number of designer’s  collection in different ways, Style Temple, Gozel Green, DNA, Tokyo James, Andrea Iyamah, Emmy Kasbit are some of the designers that had cutouts in their collection.
Gozel Green
Gozel Green
Style Temple
Style Temple
Gozel Green
Gozel Green

The cuts were in various parts like shoulder, waist, cleavage and so on.

    I almost lost my voice cheering at some of the hats, caps and berets I saw on the runway. Remember how I said I needed to get a beret in this post?

    Tokyo James
    Tokyo James

    From woven hats, to chief caps and berets, a good number of designers accessorized with head gears, and it was delightful to watch.

    Tokyo James
    Tokyo James
    Andrea Iyamah
    Andrea Iyamah
    Sophie Zinga
    Sophie Zinga

    Some of the designers includes O’milua, Tokyo James, Post Imperial Sophie Zinga and Johnson Johnson. 

    Ugo Monye
    Ugo Monye

    Johnson Johnson
    Johnson Johnson
    I’m kind of an advocate of showing some skin 😏.
Eki Orleans
Tiffany Amber

So believe me when I say that I was thrilled to see low/deep cleavage dresses, blazers and blouses on the runway, I like how sexy the pieces looked.

Eki Orleans
Eki Orleans
Andrea Iyamah
Andrea Iyamah

Titibel, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Clan, Andrea Iyamah and Eki Orleans were giving life with their deep cleavage pieces.

  •  Pajamas
    If you thought the pajamas trend is over, think again!!
Orange Culture
Orange Culture

I was wowed by the pajamas pieces I saw during the fashion week, from the runway to street style, it is safe to say that this trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Nobel Igwe in Ugo Monye
Nobel Igwe in Ugo Monye

In fact, I am about to jump on it!
Ugo Monye, Ré, Orange culture and Maki Oh are some of the designers that did it for me as far as the pajamas trend

    I knew  African fabrics would be showcased at the Lagos Fashion week, but I wasn’t expecting to see Aso oke.
Emmy Kasbit
Emmy Kasbit

You should have seen the smile on my face when I saw the models in Aso oke from designers like Emmy Kasbit, Sophie Singa, Kenneth Ize‘s collection.

Emmy Kasbit
Emmy Kasbit

Another African fabric that got my attention is Adire for me,  Maki Oh and Tiffany Amber brought it!

Tiffany Amber
Tiffany Amber
Maki Oh
Maki Oh

Ankara was also showcased by designers like Kinabuti and Lisa Folawiyo.

Lisa Folawiyo
Lisa Folawiyo

That’s it guys, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any of my future posts. You can also share this post and previous one on your various social media platforms. Stay safe. xx



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LFDW (8)Heyyyy,
How was your week guys?? Mine was fashion week filled lool.  Today, I’ve come with an outfit post featuring my outfit looks from the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design week #lfdw
I went for very simple looks, because I will always choose comfort!! (I’m sure you already know that 😏). Let’s jump right into it.


LFDW (2)If you follow me on instagram (if you’re not you should totally do, I post pictures there daily 😉) I mentioned on one of my posts that ‘my love for stripes is relatively new but here to stay’ I wasn’t joking when I said so. For Day 1 of the fashion week, I decided to go with stripes, I really liked this combination, my pants were giving me major life, they gave me the ‘pop of color’ I needed.

The Sun was a 100
The Sun was a 100

Remember these mules from this post? They are the most comfortable, also can you spot my DIY tote bag?
*Pants and top from


LFDW (6)I had to represent the denim gang and of course African child! I got a number of compliments on head wrap, but the actual truth is I was having a really bad hair day loool. The shoes I had on are so comfortable that I decided to wear them on day 3 and 4. looolLFDW (3)*Kimono from


LFDW (1)On my way to the event, someone legit asked me if I was going to fight taekwondo 😂😂 it made me laugh so hard!! I liked how this look make me look like a ‘karate kid’.

This a Karate Move?
This a Karate Move?

I went with an oversized white shirt with a pair of pants from, I featured these pants some months ago, click here if you missed that post.
* Pants from


LFDW (5)I almost didn’t go for the last day, I was really exhausted, but I am so glad my friend talked me out of not going because the designers that showcased on day 4 blew my mind (we’ll talk better about that in the next post).

LFDW (4)I decided to go with my over-sized pants from this post with a Tee and my fanny pack.

I had a good first time experience, I was really excited as I saw some really beautiful street styles that gave me outfit inspiration. I already look forward to the next #lfdw.
Stay tuned to my blog as I will be talking about some fashion trends that caught my eye and designers that showcased those trends. Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any of my post. Stay blessed 💕💕




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Hello lovelies,
Today I have come with a different kind of post for you, I was quite sick over the weekend so I couldn’t go out to take pictures, I thought instead of not posting at all I’d share some outfit inspiration I saw on instagram over the past few weeks,  outfits that not only gave me future outfit inspiration but also made my jaws drop!!

If you know me, you’d know I literally live on Instagram (I know it’s not healthy, and I’m working on it) so I get to see a ton of pictures everyday… The looks I’m about to share with you gave me inspiration and you’d definitely be seeing similar looks on me soon.

  • LOOK 1LOOKS (7)This outfit kind of reminds me of when I was growing up how I used to have a lot of corduroys (good ol’ days), now I have none.
  • LOOK 2LOOKS (8)Berets are coming back, and I am down for it and that statement earing got me like 😍 .
  • LOOK 3LOOKS (1)I need a white pair of sneakers to go with one of my over-sized shirts and denim skirts… I like how this picture screams ‘kool kid’ 😉😉.
  • LOOK 4LOOKS (6)I LOVE this look!!! I can not wait to recreate a similar look. It caught my attention immediately!! I like how comfortable it looks and how effortlessly stylish it is.
  • LOOK 5LOOKS (5)You will always have me at ‘over-sized’ Remember when I said I’m thinking of wearing mostly over-sized (baggy) clothes in this post? If you do, then you know why I’m into this look.
  • LOOK 6LOOKS (4)‘My Goodness’ that’s what I said when I saw this!!! 😩😩 I’m in total awe of this look, especially the pose.
  • LOOK 7LOOKS (3)What caught my eye here are the safety pins… Many months back, I put an outfit post up wearing a plaid skirt with a safety pin (You should check it out) . They are more like statement pieces.
  • LOOK 8LOOKS (2)I already tried this look, the results didn’t come out as expected, when it does, I’ll show it to you guys.

I hope you liked this post as much as I do… Notice how all the looks have a retro feel to them, you know me 😉.

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Heyyy!!! 😃😃
It is with joy that I type this post because I am going to the Lagos Fashion and Design Week LFDW!! Yasssss 😃😃

LFDW (2)The LFDW is coming up soon and I’m super excited, I’m even more excited because it’s going to be my first time and I got a press pass!!
I got a mail from LFDW yesterday and I can not contain myself.

Can't contain myself... loool
Can’t contain myself… loool

Honestly, when I applied, I didn’t think I’d get a press pass… But God surprised me!!
The show will commence on the 25th of this month and will last for 4 days, I am looking forward to meeting some of my blogger crush, seeing collections from beautiful designers and hopefully take bomb ass pictures to share with you guys (I hope I won’t be too shy to ask  strangers to take a pictures of me) …and of course I will be bringing you some juicy posts afterwards.

LFDW (3)
Now, this brings us to ‘what to wear’… your girl will be keeping it simple, I’ll be going mostly with comfortable and retro looks ( I bet you knew that 😉).

LFDW (4)
This is to our first LFDW and many more 🍸
Till the next post. 💕💞



Current Jam: Aisha by BOJ ft WANDE COALplaid (7)Hey guys,
Short weekend hun? 😩 just typical, lol.

I have come with another outfit post…another retro look in this plaid skirt I thrifted months ago, I think it cost me about 300 naira or so.plaid (3)I like how plaid is coming back (totally down for fashion comebacks 😉😉) so I decided to share with you one of the many ways to incorporate plaid into your style.plaid (2)The print can be tricky, so I suggest you pair your plaid with a plain shirt like I did (till you feel like you’ve gotten a hang of it), you could go for a more fitted shirt or even a crop top depending on your preference.

plaid (6)The socks and shoes thing going on here is so I really hit the retro look ‘hard’ (you know me, I’m all about that retro) loool. Remember this blowfish shoes I got months ago? Totally still paying off.plaid (5)Finally, my fanny pack, I think you should get one of these, they’re ‘dope’ 😉.plaid (1)That’s all for this look, I hope you have a lovely week, don’t forget to subscribe.
Till the next post (hopefully Thursday) where I’ll be bringing you a non-outfit post like last Thursday. 💕💕



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Yaaaay, the weekend is close!

The other weekend, myself and two of my friends had planned a weekend getaway. We were going to Ibadan to see our other friend, but sadly at the last minute the trip was cancelled, I was so sad that it took about a week to unpack my WEEKEND-GETAWAY bag. While unpacking, I thought I’d share with you guys things you will find my weekend Tote bag.

weekend (14)

Before we jump right to it, I have decided to come up with a post close to the weekend…posts that won’t always be my outfit looks. I hope and pray that I won’t get too lazy and not deliver *fingers crossed*
To see more of my looks, follow me on instagram @mikunstyles
Before I list out the contents of my bag, lemme be honest, I had more  things than listed here (especially clothes and underwear) 🙈, I try to travel light…try.


I break out all the time, especially when I changed environment. I have been struggled with acne for over 7 years now, (we’ll talk about sometime soon), I never go away without a sort of Cleanser, I always make sure to wash my face as often as required.

weekend (13)

I am very minimal when it comes to my hair but I make sure my hair is hydrated and moisturized at all times  with the help of my spray bottle and shea butter, I have low porosity hair so my hair tends to dry out quickly.

weekend (6)

You just might find this in my bag on a regular day 😂😂, it’s no news how much I love denims

weekend (5)


weekend (12)

On a normal day, I would have like 2 frames in my bag, so imagine how many you’ll find in a weekend bag.

weekend (10)

Always oversized!! Cause your girl can only sleep in loose fitted clothes…or naked looool

weekend (9)

Something to go with my jeans 😉

weekend (7)

Comfortable as f*ck (excuse my French)

weekend (3)

I recently started to cream my body with Shea butter and I do not regret that decision, I’ve been glowing non-stop 😄.

weekend (2)

I occupationally  use this ST.Ives body lotion because it smells so night

weekend (1)

weekend (8)


weekend (4)


Notice how I air quote, not only do I not wear makeup. I do not own them. But i like the oil and blemish control powder and my lip gloss and balm.

weekend (11)
Comment below some of the things you’d pack for a weekend. Till the next blog post.

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Current Jam: Do you dirty by KHELANIMikunstyles is 1 (1)Heyyyy guys!! Here’s a cheers to my first year of blogging.

I hope your weekend was good, and not as short as mine. So, my blog turned a year September 22nd…I know this post is so late, in all truth I didn’t want to put this post up, I just didn’t have the zeal maybe because I don’t like birthdays (too much anxiety) or because I felt like the blog has not gotten to the heights I thought it would have by the time it turned a year.

Mikunstyles is 1 (2)

But I decided to count my blessings and I realized that I’m just being an ungrateful brat 😩😩.  My blog has allowed me quite a number of opportunities, I have been able to meet and work with some people that helped me grow, I’ve grown so much since I started to blog, honestly, I’ve recorded the highest growth so far in the past year, and that’s a big blessing!!

Mikunstyles is 1 (4)

I am grateful that I started, that I’ve not shut the blog down (yes, I’ve thought of that a number of times 🙈… trust me guys, blogging can be a lot!) and finally, I am grateful for you guys!!! Whenever I get my Stat count, it makes my heart swell that y’all visit my blog to read my amateur posts. Thank you guys!!! You’re a very important part of the blog and I appreciate you.

Big smile for Y'all
Big smile for Y’all

So here’s to many more exciting blog posts to come 🍸🍸

Yeah, I know you’ve been wondering about my outfit, this 3 piece is from THM, I’ve talked about their brand here before, click here if you missed that post.

Mikunstyles is 1 (5)

Mikunstyles is 1 (6)

just casually showing off my Bum. loool
just casually showing off my Bum. loool

So if you’re on a strict budget like me or just want to save an extra penny check them out on instagram thank me later.

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