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Heyy guys!!! 😁
I just got my traffic stat few minutes before I typed this and it showed the highest visit have gotten here and I am elated!!!


Keep it coming guys, and maybe drop a comment every once in a while (I know that can be a bit hard, but try 😉).
Thank you guys for reading my very amateur posts 😘

Today is another outfit post, I wore this waistcoat as a shirt/blouse with a pair of jeans (fav) then I completely the look with a blazer, kind of gave it a corporate- casual look.

I have layered with this waist coat but I couldn’t get enough good pictures so I refrained from posting it here.


But if you follow me on Instagram @mikunstyles, you’d have already seen how I layered with it.
I thrifted this coat a few months ago it cost #200 and the most interesting thing about it is it is DENIM you’ll know how much of a sucker I am for Denims.. I’m not sure these pictures are showing that its Denim, but it is and that makes me liken it even more.
Everything I wore besides from the shoes was thrifted and the total cost is less than 2000 naira (the jeans was a bit pricy 😒)


Till next time where I’ll be talking about BEAUTY, please stay tuned.xx


Your clothes don’t define you, you define them. Never feel less in your outfits.
They say the most important thing about a dress is the woman in it!

P. S: Excuse my flat title

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