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Few months after big chop
Few months after big chop

Hey beautiful people, happy weekend! Today’s post is about hair, I know a thing or two about hair so…

First of, all hair types are beautiful!! The reason why there is a sort of formula for identifying hair types is not to shame any hair type, it is just for identification as that will make management of various hair types easier!

Before big chop 🙈
Before big chop 🙈

Below are some of the questions I get about my hair and the answers

  1. How old is your hair? 

I had my big chop last week of July 2014, I cut my hair because it was a mess!! It was severely damaged from over relaxing it.


2.  What is your hair type?

I have 3 types of hair on my head, yes 3! It is almost impossible to have the same texture of hair all over the head, towards the front of my hair, I have looser curls, the back of my hair has tighter curls and the center of my head has really tight curls. I have 4b, 4c and 4d (yes, there’s 4d) I haven’t had a professional check my hair I just used the curl pattern description I saw online


3. Have you ever sneak relaxers in your hair?

No!! The front part of my hair is slightly softer than the rest, so it might seem relaxed. I am a bit terrified of relaxers, I had bad experiences with them.

4. How long is your hair?

11″ in front and 8″ at the back.


5. Have you ever trimmed your hair?

Yes, once and I did it myself. I cut about an inch all round. My hair felt so good afterwards!

After trim
After trim
11 months ago
11 months ago

6.  Is your hair growing?

Yes, yes it is! type 4 hair grows!! a lot, because of the amount of shrinkage it  gets, it always feels like it isn’t growing. Take pictures to document your hair growth. You might not know how much your hair has grown until you see an older picture.

14 months ago
14 months ago


7.  Do you use hair growth supplements?

No I don’t


8.  What products do you use?

I am on a very tight budget guys, very tight!! I basically use Shea butter and coconut oil, and occasionally Olive oil. My everyday hair care is the LOC method.


These are some of the questions I am asked a lot. I am often challenged about my hair.

I hear plenty things like my hair is not all that natural (like that’s a thing 😒) or my hair should be longer than it is… Health over length!! Or why my hair looking relaxed, well I keep it stretched most of the time (in African threads) so it’ll be soft.

How I stretch my hair
How I stretch my hair

Dear girl, take time to learn more about your hair natural or relaxed.

Till the next post. xx


Have you ever been queried about your hair? What hair type do you have??

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  1. This is a nice concept. I love the Q&A segment. I am happy that I am not the only one with three different hair textures on one head. Soft and Caribbean curly at the back, super curly and kinky in the middle, indecisive/in between in front. Go girlie.

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