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  1. ebere says:

    Thanks babe, this info is gonna teach my stubborn hair serious lesson

    1. Mikunstyles says:

      Thank you Ebere for dropping by. As time goes on, I will give you more tips. Our hair must pop, because kinky hair is a slayer!! 😊😊

  2. 'Funke says:

    Hey Hassie. Thanks for this post. This natural hair journey na wa ooo; so time consuming but I love it. You have given me a post idea 😆, wait for it. Thanks for honoring our request on IG. I will try to repent from my ways 😉. Keep the ink flowing.

    1. Mikunstyles says:

      Funke Funke, I can’t wait to see the post o. The hair can be so time consuming, but anything for healthy hair. Yes, the ink will be flowing o. 😁

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