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The major change I was supposed to tell you about, its not happening soon… I am supposed to be in a NYSC camp now, but I will be going with Stream 2, sometime in January, I was a bit bumped but not anymore I plan to make use of the time judiciously.

Heyy, how are you doing?? Today’s post is an outfit post featuring this pleated skirt I thrifted few weeks ago.


I am about to be a thrift addict guys, never underestimate what you can get at a thrift market for  a ridiculously low price.


Word on the street is that safety pins now serve as accessories, well this pretty one came with this skirt and I am grateful for it.



I tried the socks and shoe trend and I lovee it!! the retro feel it gives an outfit thrills me and you will be seeing more of it because I am all about the retro.




The denim waist coat  belongs to my photographer, I just had to borrow it. You don’t see pieces like that everyday. Thank You LekeBaks, I’ll thank you more if you give me the waist coat *inserts puppy face emoji here* (there’s an emoji like that, yh?)



What I Wore

Shirt:  M&S(thrifted)

Skirt: Design essentials(thrifted)

Shoes: L’emperio prato (thrifted)

Bag: Way too old

Waist coat: I forgot to check the name (thrifted)

Socks: thrifted

Total cost of outfit besides without the denim and shoes about #1200

P.S The lighting on this day was not a hundred, but we still got by.

Till the next blog post. xx.



What do you think of this look? What is your take on the socks and shoe trend? Do you thrift and where do you thrift?

5 thoughts on “OUTFIT: PLEATS AND SOCKS”

  1. Really loved this combo, about the socks and shoes trend, its been on for a while now, but I never really considered it,plus, its quite funny how some fashion ideas considered lame are what’s in vogue now. I think it would work well for me, not just to look fashionable but to protect my legs as they can be highly sensitive to harsh weather conditions. Thanks for the idea girl.

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