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I honestly think the  days are running by fast, and I am kind of freaking out, why? I will share that with you soon, in literally to time (get it?)

Hello lovelies,

How have you been since the last post? I have been quite well… quite. Today’s post was supposed to be a mini haul post, but for better clarity, I decided to split the ‘haul’ into sections, starting with shoes.

Yesterday, I went thrifting at the infamous Yaba market, and I bought quite a number of things that I will be showing to you soon.

I bought these two pairs shoes for less than #4000, actually, I got them for #3500, I am not too sure if I bargained well enough, but I am quite pleased with the shoes, I am already envisioning myself slaying in them.

The first one I got is this brown swede pointy mouth shoes it is a L‘emporio iii Prato shoe.



Honestly, I almost did not buy them because it did not look so good until I tried it on, I fell in love immediately I tried it on.


I did not used to like pointy shoes before because I thought they make my feet look funny (I kinda have a wide feet) but I am in love with them now, I think they are really chic (I have a friend that will say ‘I told you so’ after seeing this post).




This shoes cost #2000

The second shoes: this  Blowfish malibu shoes, I feel in love with this one immediately it was a love at first site, the whole buckles thing got me like Dauuummn!! (I go wear this shoe tire).



I love that it has air space at the sides, this will give my feet breathing space haha.


And it is super comfy, the landing in is soft and foamy


This shoe cost #1500

Hope to see you soon on my next post, where I should be featuring more of my thrift buys

Till the next blog post, with love xx


Thrifting was such a good experience, I like how you can get really durable pieces for ‘dash’ prices, I will be thrifting more often. What is your take on thrifting?? Do you thrift if you do where do you thrift?

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