Current Jam: Nothing dey by KISS DANIEL

Denim dress (10)

I got this button down denim dress about 10 months ago and it has been lying in my closet ever since. I honestly bought the dress on impulse, because its DENIM and I have a weakness for denim.

My face when someone says I wear too much DENIM
My face when someone says I wear too much DENIM

I got the dress while thrift-shopping because it was screaming 90s and I thought I’d look like one of the casts from  Sister Sister in it (I know, silly meloool)

Denim dress (4)

Denim dress (7)
The other day, I was going through my stuffs when I came across this dress and I thought it was high time I featured it on here, not knowing exactly how I wanted to style, I decided to go for a laid back look, just because I know I couldn’t go wrong with ‘laid-back’. ‘wink’

literally laid back. looool
literally laid back. looool

Denim dress (2)

I paired the dress with an over-sized checked shirt and a pair of sneakers (that I won’t stop wearing).

Denim dress (3)
The belt was a final touch, I added it to the look because it kind of takes me back to the 90s 😉.
One final thing I did was to show some Skin 😉😉 (just because I’ve come to love my big thighs and scared legs 😊)

Denim dress (6)

Denim dress (8)
That’s it about this looks, I hope it’s not too ‘weird’ for you.
NB: You never have to follow my style to the T, I’m just here to give you some inspiration, you could just pick a few tips from my style.
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Current Jam: All time low by JON BELLIONwhite shorts (1)You’re not a true 90s child if you don’t own a pair of shorts!!!And as a true 90s baby girl, I had to represent 😉. To be quite honest, I never used to wear shorts, I used to think my tights are too big… but I know now that #thickthighssaveslifeswhite shorts (3)If you follow me on instagram, you’d have seen a post where I said I like to take clothes from my brother’s closet, because men’s clothes are the most comfortable!!white shorts (6)I am totally down for loose fitted clothes, I intend to mostly wear baggy clothes (let’s see how it goes and maybe we’ll talk about how to remain stylish in baggies 😉).

white shorts (8)white shorts (2)So yeah, back to this outfit! This pair of shorts are my brother’s…well were and I love them, the color WHITE makes them even better (I particularly love this shorts because its denim) and I decided to pair it with this striped top from THM that I recently featured, click here if you missed that post. My love for stripes is quite new but it’s here to stay!!white shorts (7)Remember this pair of converse, well here they are again, they’re super comfortable, and I am down for comfort!!white shorts (9)I completely this look with my cute little back pack that I’ve owned for ages now, I felt like a true 90s child that I am…white shorts (5)I hope this post meets you well and sort of gives inspiration.white shorts (4)Till the next post when I’ll probably bring you another retro themed look, don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my posts. xx 💕💕



Current Fav: Bette Davis Eyes by KIM CARNES

EllaSkills 4

Hey guyss, How’s the week going?

Few weeks ago, Emmanuella sent me a DM on instagram, she said many nice things to me, she told me my fashion style is beautiful. She is my blogger of the month. For creative’s like myself, messages like the one she sent to me always go a long way, I was elated to say the very least, it can be quite discouraging to keep coming up with contents…for many reasons, but Emmanuella made me want to work more, in fact, I went ahead to shoot some outfit posts few days after our conversation (stay tuned).
I visited her blog and was WoW-ed. I binge read a good number of her posts, she writes so well guys!! You have to visit her blog to understand what I’m saying.
Let’s, meet her, shall we?
1. What is your name and age?
My name is Emmanuella Adekunle Skills and I am 21 years young. ☺

EllaSkills 2
2. Tell us a little about your blog and how old it is.
My blog is more of a lifestyle blog, sharing wonderful content with my readers and keeping it real. And it a just a month old.
3. How did you first get into blogging?
I started blogging 2014, due to pressure from friends. Fun fact, they never checked the blog.
4. Who has impacted you most in your blogging journey and how?
Esther Adeniyi. She’s consistent and hardworking.
5. What is the most challenging moment in your blogging so far?
They’re a lot of challenges. Creating contents, schedule management etc
6. What have your blogging experience thought you?

EllaSkills 3
I’ve learnt to express myself better.
7. Would you say writing exhaust or energize you?
Sincerely, writing both exhaust and energizes me
8. What inspires your blog posts?
Day to day activities, Experiences and so on..

EllaSkills 1
9. What fashion genre are you into?
Vintage , causal street, Chic / sophisticated for elegance and spice. I can’t really pick which one I prefer, I can rock anything.
10. Where can we find you on social media?
On Instagram and Twitter @_ellaskills_
click here to visit her blog.

With love, till the next blog post. Stay tuned. xx


A BOOK: NOVEMBER 9 by Colleen Hoover

Current Jam: All my friends by TINASHE ft CHANCE THE RAPPER
November 9I know… I have been away for a minute and I honestly do not have a very good reason, Today, I decided to tell you guys about a book, NOVEMBER 9.
Hi guysss!
I’m so sorry for being so inconsistent, in the past weeks, I have tried to put up outfit posts, but I been having a severe case of failed shoots, it can be quite exhausting, but life happens I just have to keep on keeping, today’s post isn’t the ‘usual’.

Besides clothes, food and pictures, I really like BOOKS so I thought I’d share my reading experience with y’all from time to time.
November 9 is the title of the book I recently read, it was written by a beautiful writer Colleen Hoover, I am in love with her books, she wrote my favorite book ‘Hopeless’.
November 9 is centered around two characters (Fallon and Ben) that decided to meet once a year without any form of contact in between…for 5 years (I thought the idea was unbelievably trilling, once in a whole freaking year!).

November 9
They meet on November 9 (when they were 18) in the most unconventional way, and they hit it off from then. Even though through the years various obstacles popped up on November 9 that made it harder for them to get along and remain in love (falling in love is easy, staying in it is a totally different story) they manage to stand the test of time (love always wins).
Fallon has visible scars that made her completely insecure, Ben has some scars of his own which was unknown to Fallon, Fallon on finding out Ben’s scars has to decide whether or not she wants to keep seeing Ben, her ‘boyfriend’.

November 9
What will you do if you found out that one thing that destroyed your life and crushed your confidence was caused by the one person that made it all better… less painful to look in the mirror?
Colleen wrote the book through Ben and Fallon’s eye…or should I say mind making it incredibly interesting ( I got to know Ben through Fallon’s eye and Vice Versa).

November 9
I read the book with an app on my phone Moon+Reader, this App makes it a lot easier to read books, it records your speed, gives you a one minute break when you’ve read a book for so long that way you get to rest your eyes for 60 seconds. I know Ebook novels may not be as fascinating as paperback books, but this App makes it whole lot better.
If you like to read, you should probably read this book, I’d tell you more about the book, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you.

P.S I think this book will make a good movie, just like One Day but better… unlike One day, Fallon and Ben had zero contacts,  just November 9

With Love, Hassie.




It’s been a minute, I know. Adulting is just too hard, it takes most of my time. Today is all about monochrome double stripe-ing. Because it is 2017 and we can wear whatever we want.MONOCHROME STRIPES

Striped (8)

Remember when they say you shouldn’t wear stripes on stripes because it is not ‘right’, well that some lame sh**t.

Striped (5)

For today’s outfit post, I decided to pair a striped top I got from thm.co with my brother’s pants, because it is very comfortable.

Striped (2)

Striped (9)

I recently saw the ‘Fanny pack trend‘ on instagram, and I like it, it is still a kind of low-key trend… you guys shouldn’t sleep on it, its so cool.

Striped (7)

My converse is probably tired of me, and if you follow me on instagram you are probably tired of seeing them too. But they are so aesthetic looking in pictures, and let’s not get into how comfortable they are. So bear with me, you will be seeing more of them.

Striped (10)

What I wore:
Top: thm.co
Pants: Brother’s closet
Shoes: Thrifted
Fanny pack: Thrifted
Frames: Road side vendor

Striped (6)

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Till the next post buddies. Peace



Current Fav: Arms by CHRISTINA PERRI

Heyyy guys,

Happy New Month 💕

So my blogger of the month of June  is a Rookie blogger Tunde Aina, His blog is exceptional, you should visit his blog to see what I am talking about, click here

Let’s meet Tune Aina of CurioushubCurious hub

1) What is your name and age (optional)

My name is Olatunde Aina and I’m 22 years old


2) Tell us a little about your blog and how old it is.

I always find it kind of hard giving a definite answer to this. But I like to call my blog an enlightenment/consciousness blog. And it’s just over two weeks old.


3) Does writing energize or exhaust you?

To be very candid, it’s always very hard to stop writing once you’re in that “mood”. So I’ll say it energises me, it revitalizes me.

4) Who has impacted you most in your       blogging journey and how?

Honestly, I never had the mindset of opening a blog, it was never in my plan. But after reading Americana by Chimamanda Adichie, I just got that light bulb. So I’d say she played the major impact.

5) What inspires your blog posts?

My posts are inspired by life. I tap into issues that are frowned upon by society, issues people feel shy or ashamed to talk for the fear of being judged. So these things inspire me, to give people a platform to express themselves, without being judged.

6) What is the most challenging moment in your blogging journey so far?

So far, the major challenge has been getting people on to the blog, this is because it’s more like an unusual niche. But I’m still pushing though.

7) What has your blogging experience taught you?

It has taught me patience, perseverance. That nothing really comes easy, you have to keep pushing, keep knocking on that door, till it’s eventually opened.

8) What else do you do other than blogging?

I’m a Corp member


9) What is your favorite fashion brand and why?

I don’t have a favorite fashion brand, I just get whatever I find really nice. I’m a flirt with fashion brands.


10) Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram- @td_deluxe

Till next time.xx.



Current Fav: Back to sleep by CHRIS BROWN


Heyyy!! I’m quite pumped today, I can’t say exactly why, but… I hope it stays this way.

So, I wore this pleated skirt of mine as an off shoulder blouse or cape… I know, I know I’m a bit late on the trend loool. But I just found a way to make this work for me…



I got this skirt as a birthday gift when I clocked 19, and I’ve only worn it like twice (you have that piece of clothing you never wear and won’t give out, right?).


Wearing a skirt as a top might be a bit tricky, so I advise you go for skirts with elastic band as opposed zippers this will make fitting easier.


You could also wear it as a tube top, but I choose to wear it as an off shoulder top because then it doubled as a cape.


You know I’m a sucker for Denim, so I paired the skirt with a pair of jeans, but you could wear it with any other fabric or a skirt or even as a dress depending on the length and your preference.


This look will also be great with a pair of heels…

I hope you got a thing or two from this post. Till next time. xx.




Current Fav: Good morning by BRYMO

Hello Guys,
A couple of weeks ago I frayed my jeans… I wasn’t gn put it up here because I thought everyone would have seen a tutorial on How-to-frayed jeans (I know, silly me).
When I wore the jeans out with a few friends, I got a lot of questions about it, so I decided to put it up.

Things you’d need arnd why
1. A pair of JEANS (denim)
I’m sure you get why you need this, lol. Okay so, the weaving in jeans makes it very easy to take out a particular thread, the wrap thread which runs vertically is dyed and the weft thread which runs horizontally is left white.

2. A pair SCISSORS
This is to cut off a few inches depending on preference, I cut off about 3 inches, you can go lower or higher… All you need to do is to cut out the hem.
For measuring out the length you decide to cut off.
I used this pick out the horizontal/weft thread (which was white) I did this till I discovered easier way to just put out the thread.
5. Some TIME
Last but not the list, is TIME!! The one thing that was left out in all of the DIYs on fraying denim had I seen is Time…


I need to emphasize on this,I had planned to frayed the denim higher than I did ( I was gn make it about 5 inches high, but I stopped at about 2 inches).
When I was in school (cheesy, I know 😂) I knew some people that payed to fray their jeans, I used to wonder why, but after doing this, I understand why now… To all my friends that want their jeans frayed, you gatta pay me.
In the end, it will be worth it. So, I’d say to should try it out, no rush…


It took me about 2 days and I’m not done, I’ll still fry it higher.

I hope this was helpful, till next post.xx



Current fav: Too many songs to pick one


Hey guyss
I have been humming Grown up by Beyonce for a few hours now… Because, I turned 23 today. Twenty freaking three!! 🎉🎉🎉

IMAG6996 I wasn’t gn put anything on here, because birthdays kind of freak me out!!! But my friends made sure I went out today and I took pictures so I thought… What the hell.

Cool kids
Cool kids
My personal photographer
Coke and Fanta

I am grateful for life, I am grateful that God got me all these years.
I am glad I started this blog, this is my first birthday on here 😁 I am grateful for you guys, THANK YOU!! I immediately thought about you guys when I took these pictures, I was like ‘I gatta post on the blog today’.

For more pictures,  check out my instagram  @mikunstyles

I don’t really have much to say as I am overwhelmed by the love I am getting from family and friends and this post is really impromptu.
I just want to say THANK YOU, and help me praise my big God.
Last but most definitely not the list… I am a GEMINI and we rock!!! 😂
Till next time. xx




Current Fav:  Scars to your Beautiful by ALESSIA CARA


Hey lovelies,

How’s your Sunday going? Mine is pretty relaxing and kind of a lazy day so far…

I thought I’d share this post with you guys because I spent the most of my life thinking less of my self … I had this huge inferiority complex. But I’m all grown up now, I’ve learnt to see the beauty within me ( I hope that makes sense). You are not allowed to feel less of yourself, you are not!

“Beauty like Style has no one definition, we all represent a form of beauty” Know this!
But we live in a society that not only defines beauty but also makes sure that majority do not make “the cut”

Society will tell you what size, height, skin color, hair type is beautiful, a description that is impossible to meet and if ever met only by a very few shaming the remaining majority.
But who made those rules? Who is society? What makes a size 6 “sexier” than a 16? On what bases is one skin color better than the others?
My definition of beauty is you and me. I believe God made us in different shapes, sizes and colors so we can appreciate many forms of beauty. You are beautiful, you should feel beautiful in your skin
Do not let society define you, you are beautifully made.


You are not only beautiful, you are a unique being. After all, you were created in God’s image.


I hope this helps someone fee better, in the near feature I’ll be sharing with you how I got over my inferiority complex.

Till next time. xx


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